The Sun Newspaper published an article and inserted it on Page 4 of the issue last week and in my opinion it should have been on the front page due to the serious nature of the story. A number of health organizations oppose the three medical marijuana ballot measures we will vote on November of this year.

So many persons stress about the amount of money the state will lose if these measures do not pass then they let us know how much good the money will do with who it will go to. Oh, yes, throw the dog a bone and hope he will shut up. We can already see the results of the opioid crisis in our country and how many thousands of our citizens are dying from the easy availability of this drug so why open the door for another easy drug and think all is well on the home front?

Yes, I know that alcohol is a drug and is readily available to anyone over the age of consent and alcohol can be habit forming if used to a great extent but people, because we have one evil to confront, does that mean that we should have another to worry about?

It wasn’t that long ago that we were hit on all sides about the evils of tobacco and what even second hand smoke could do to the human body but is anyone warning us about the danger of second hand marijuana smoke? Not that I have heard.

I hope the people will err on the side of safety and turn these measures down.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs