We, who on the Calico Clippers Veterans quilt project, were very disappointed to learn that our charitable organization was going to be charged to use the community room at CCMH Stockton Health Center. We as a group want to express our concern and displeasure. As the Veterans quilt project we have functioned for seven years, making 17 to 24 quilts each year, for the last three years. Our desire is to express our appreciation for the Veterans in Cedar County for their sacrifice and service on behalf of our freedoms. We, up to 12 of us at times, have met once a month in the community room at Stockton CCMH room to assemble our quilts. We use donated material, we donate our time quilting many of the quilts, and then take them to Stockton and El Dorado Springs Veteran Day assemblies to give the quilts away. We have even gone to the Stockton Rest Home and given Veterans quilts. At a price of $25 per meeting time, $300 a year is quite a bit for us to come up with , when we donate everything. We were told that if we were associated with the CCMH Hospital that we would not be charged to use the room However from the list that was listed last week in the paper, I am wondering why El Dorado Springs groups would want to travel to Stockton to use the community room. Looks to us like this is a setup, set up to cause a failure and a way to close the building.

We all pay our taxes and notice that we pay a tax for CCMH. I made a call to CCMH to talk about this charge and was told that it was a decision made by the Board and the administrator. I asked to speak to Jana, and was told she was in a meeting. The lady took two phone number and assured me she would call when she was free, either that day or the next. She must be one busy lady because its been over eight working days and I have yet to have a phone call. Noticing in the paper that she would be glad to discuss this with anyone, I am wondering…

It’s a shame that you are taking down things in or county, instead of trying to build them up.

Sandy Kicker, Jamie Haines, Jane Harrington, Sheryl Cully, Nancy Thomason, Judy Williams, Vicki Kirkpatrick and other members of the Calico Quilt Guild

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