Registrations are now being accepted for the Sam’s Scavenger Scrimmage by picnic committee members.  All teams must pre-register.  Teams will consist of 3-5 members with each member being 18 years or older.  Each team will receive one copy of the clues.  All team members must stay together.  One team member must be the designated photographer.  All other team members must be in the pictures and the pictures must also include:  the numbered card that corresponds to the clue and the red X posted at each correct site. 

The captain will be the team spokesperson and will be the one to check in with the committee. Committee members accepting registrations are Debbie Floyd, 417-876-2864, Judi Baldwin, 417-876-2691 and Tammy Melton 417-296-3296. Voice mail is available to leave your information: Team name, names of each team member, contact phone number.

Sam’s Scavenger Scrimmage is Saturday, July 21 at 12noon at the Bandstand.

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