Saturday, May 25, 2019, the following gathered to celebrate OM Hawkins’ life. Sally, Jane Marie Hawkins, Bob Wychock, Christopher and Izzy Mork, Amanda, Dexter and Carter Henderson, Kathy and Todd Peterson, Alex, Alisha and Charley Peterson, Johnny and Sadie Morgan, Nick and Will Peterson, Sam, Parker and Abby Hawkins.

Janie Hutchison, Arlene, Mike and Emerus Good, and Bobby Hutchsion. Lois and Jim Herbst, Andy and Dara Herbst, Ann and Gary Pennell. Mary Nell Lombardi, Larry Hawkins. Marge, Brad and Amy Hunter and Natalie Ryan. Ronnie and Carole Hawkins (Phillips). D.J., Darcy, Tammy and Paul Lauderback. Mark and Kate Lauderback. Debbie and Denny Wallace plus Jayna and Pacton Hardy.

Besides the short service (at noon) at the cemetery there were fun things going on Friday noon and night, Saturday evening, Sunday (most of the day) until Monday when they started heading back to their homes in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, California, Kansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Some of the “fun” things were eating together, fishing, kayaking in Uncle Jim’s pond, driving and riding in Uncle Jim’s Gator, a wiener roast (in spite of the rain) and of course lots of storytelling and visiting.

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