At its April 5 meeting, the Missouri Conservation Commission

Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges of 38 individuals for cause:

1. Justin R. Angermeier, Clinton, All Sport, 1 Year;

2. David H. Berry, Sr., Everton, All Sport, Lifetime;

3. David H. Berry Jr., Everton, All Sport, Lifetime;

4. Ridge E. Betke, Salem, Hunting, 1 Year;

5. Bailey Brown, Miller, Hunting, 3 Years;

6. Matthew E. Byler, Weatherby, Hunting, 1 Year;

7. Tyler Carmichael, Boonville, Hunting and Trapping, 1 Year;

8. Robert Cave, Excelsior Springs, Hunting, 1 Year;

9. Bryan S. Densmore, Springfield, Hunting, 3 Years;

10. George Douglas, Fair Grove, Hunting, 5 Years;

11. Steven Eason, El Dorado Springs, Hunting, 1 Year;

12. Ernest Gage, Blytheville (Arkansas), Hunting, 1 Year;

13. James Gay, Raymore, Hunting, 1 Year;

14. Craig Gilmore, Springfield, All Sport, must comply with Colorado requirements;

15. Anthony W. Gray, Chillicothe, All Sport, 1 Year;

16. Shane A. Green, Macks Creek, All Sport, 1 Year;

17. Dustin Hill, Buffalo, Hunting, 1 Year;

18. Christopher J. Janda, Santa Fe, Hunting and Fishing, 1 Year;

19. Timothy Johnston, Macon, Hunting, 1 Year;

20. Zachery W. Kelley, Pittsburg, All Sport, 1 Year;

21. Morgan Celeste Long, Kansas City, All Sport, must comply with Kansas requirements;

22. Seth M. Neeley, Camdenton, Hunting, 3 Years;

23. Robert C. Ostrander, Louisiana, Hunting and Fishing, 1 Year;

24. Charles N. Phillips, Holts Summit, Fishing, 1 Year;

25. Jevan Pierce, Dexter, Hunting, 1 Year;

26. Ken Polm, Cabool, Hunting, 2 Years;

27. Donald E. Potter, Fair Play, Hunting and Fishing, 2 Years;

28. Sabian Salais, Dixon, Hunting, 3 Years;

29. Benton D. Simpson, St. Joseph, All Sport, 2 Years;

30. William F. Stephens, Clinton, All Sport, 1 Year;

31. James Story, Maitland (Florida), Hunting, 1 Year;

32. Doug T. Tiefenthaler, Salem, Hunting, 13 Years;

33. Mark B. Vollintine, St. Joseph, All Sport, 1 Year;

34. Lawrence A. VonRuden, Steele, All Sport, must comply with Wisconsin requirements;

35. Kristofer Wilson, Neosho, Hunting, 1 Year;

36. Mathew B. Watson, Purdy, Hunting, 3 Years;

37. Robert A. Williams, Hermitage, Hunting, 3 Years; and

38. Kobe A. Hubbert, East Prairie, Hunting, Revoked until 2/2/2019.

•Suspended or revoked all hunting and fishing privileges of 259 individuals who are not in compliance with applicable child support laws.

•Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges of 483 individuals in accordance with the terms of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

•Reinstated privileges of one individual.