The Missouri Conservation Commission met on Thursday, July 12, for its closed executive session at The Nature Conservancy, Little Creek Farm, 17253 West 170th Avenue in Eagleville. The Commission met on Friday, July 13, for its regular open meeting at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park Conference Center, 1 Fall Drive in Maryville. Commissioners present were:

The Commission:

• Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges of 11 individuals for cause:

1. Garrett W. Fischer, Cole Camp, Hunting, 3 Years;

2. Colton W. Ford, Liberal, Hunting, 1 Year;

3. Mark A. Goodwin, Philadelphia, Hunting, Additional 2 Years;

4. Gustav A. Liedtke, Mosinee (WI), Hunting, 4 Years;

5. Kevin Nible, Bethany, All Sport, 1 Year;

6. Kenneth J. Parks, Mountain View, Hunting, 1 Year;

7. Thomas D. Sheets, Amazonia, Hunting, 1 Year;

8. Elijah R. Smith, Cole Camp, Hunting, 3 Years;

9. Anthony K. Stacy, Arcadia, Hunting, Additional 1 Year;

10. Bradley K. Stuart, High Ridge, Hunting, 2 Years; and

11. Ernest B. Weir, Argyle (NY), Hunting, 3 Years.

• Suspended or revoked all hunting and fishing privileges of 255 individuals who are not in compliance with applicable child support laws.

• Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges of 380 individuals in accordance with the terms of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

• Elected the following Commission Officers:

Marilynn J. Bradford, Chair

David W. Murphy, Vice Chair

Nicole E. Wood, Secretary

• Set the next regular meeting for August 23-24, 2018.