Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

We have some local campers who have been trotlining. They actually hauled in a 91 lb. white cat Saturday. They said the pictures are all over facebook and the internet.

They were using brown carp. I know that’s what they bought from us.

I’d say they know the river, so they probably had a sweet spot, a honey hole.

I wasn’t here when they weighed it, but one of our customers came in yesterday and said he was here when they were weighing it. He said the head and the jaws, you couldn’t even believe it.

Stockton Area Report

by Brad Burns

Happy Hooks

There are a few guys still catching crappie at Caplinger. I don’t think there is any size to them but they are still going.

In the lake they are catching a few crappie. Actually some of them are moving out a little bit from the deep brushpiles.

Walleye have pretty well slowed way down. Some guys are still using jigs and worms but they are pretty well shut down.

We have some guys who are still doing alright catfishing with rod and reel in the lake using goldfish and stinkbait at night. The cats run from 10 to 20.

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