Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

Q. Has anyone caught a bigger white cat than the 91 pounder last week?

No, I think that record will stand for awhile. A lot of people are jealous.

Right now, the river has kinda fallen so rod and reel fishing in the river is not as good.

But, in ponds, I just had some kids tell me that with frozen shad, they caught a white cat and a 5 lb. bass  out of their private pond yesterday,

Another guy came in and bought chicken livers. He said he was taking his kids over to the ponds at Schell to fish for bullheads. He said they get a lot of action with something always biting.

Last week we had campers who were trotlining in the river at Schell using perch. They got one nice white cat over the slot limit and they caught four or five flat heads 15 to 20 lbs.

A guy is trotlining in Sac River using goldfish. He said he had caught several smaller white cats.

That’s something kinda different for us. We don’t get very many people trotlining in Sac River.

He said the water fluctuation makes it hard  to trotline it. He said they can raise it 4 ft. sometimes without any warning.

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