Taberville Report

By Bobby Dains

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing is going to get good here one of these days.

Q. I thought it already was?

It was then it kind of drizzled down. This rain will pick it back up again, I think. It has all summer. It’s kind of at a standstill right at the moment. They are not catching bad. They are catching fish, but it was real good. Now it’s kinda slow.

Trot lining is not bad. It’s just not good. But I guarantee you it’s a whole different ball game now. This will change everything.  It’s supposed to rain for a week. It will change he river and get it back where it was.

It wasn’t terrible. But all summer they have really been catching fish.

Guys will set lines and catch some fish, then they say the fish quit biting. Somebody else comes and they start biting again. It’s just a different spot.

   My friends say the fish have quit biting. I tell them they just haven’t moved their lines. It’s such a job to take all your lines out and put them back in, but that’s the only way it will work.

Last Saturday, one of my camper guys fished one day and it was a dud. He ended up coming out with three flatheads that went 48 something, 30 something and 20 something. He only fished two days using gold fish.

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