Taberville Report

By Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

Well, if you can find a place to get to the water at Schell and down here at Taberville, in the back waters right before night, the smaller white cats are biting on nightcrawlers.

Over toward Roscoe, they are still having pretty good luck with jug lines using perch.

It was like this last week and we thought it had kinda shut off because it had been cold out in Kansas with snow and we thought maybe that cold water hadn’t reached Roscoe yeet. But it’s the same situation this week so it didn’t have anything to do with the water temperature.

The river is still way up into the parking lot. Down here at Taberville you can’t even see the signs. There are lots of boats launching just wading them out. You almost have to know where to go to find a place to fish.

Last week they said the river worms were just thick on the bank and people were picking them up. Night crawlers are what the fish are really biting on down here.

One lady bought a half pound of crappie minnows. She said she just wads several of them up on her hook and fishes with a bobber and the white cats like them, too.

ElDo Report

By Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

Fishing is good.

They are catching a few crappie down at Caplinger.

They are catching catfish in the backwater on worms and bagworms.

That’s what a guy told me today. He said he caught some and opened them up and everyone of them had bagworms inside.  I’ve never heard of catfish eating bagworms, but a worm’s a worm, I guess.

The water is going down at Schell. You can get around the South Lake now.