The first rule of hunting: safety first.

A hunter in Saline County got a personal lesson in tree-stand safety after he found himself stuck in a tree.

Saline County Conservation Agent Chase Wright got a call on Thursday from a bow hunter stuck in a climbing tree stand on a local conservation area. The bottom half of the stand fell down the tree as the hunter was about to climb down.

He called Agent Wright for help, figuring he would be the only one to know where to find him. Wright knew exactly where to find the hunter and brought an extension ladder to retrieve the bottom half of the stand so the hunter could climb down out of the tree.

Agent Wright made the hunter a tether out of paracord to prevent this from happening again. He reminds hunters using these types of tree stands to have a tether between portions of their climbing stands so if this were to happen, they could retrieve the bottom portion.

The lesson here? Always use a tether between portions of climbing stands so if for some reason a part of your stand falls, you can still retrieve it.

It is important to note that the hunter was wearing a safety harness.