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7th grade El Dorado Springs basketball

Posted January 14, 2016 at 10:21 am

Here are the results from our 7th grade boys tournament . We split our 7th grade team into 2 groups. Congratulations to Eldo Red.

Thursday, Jan. 7, the El Dorado Red defeated Camdenton B 34-26 and Warsaw defeated El Do Black.

Friday, Jan. 8, Camdenton B defeated Warsaw 32-17; El Do Red vs Warsaw defeated Warsaw 43- 21 and Camdenton B defeated El Dorado Black 35- 11.

First place was El Dorado Red, second place was Camdenton B, third place was Warsaw and fourth place was- El Dorado Black.

    Wrestling going well

    by Justin Stratton

    EHS wrestling coach

    In Kansas, we went over there and spanked them pretty good. SE Kansas we beat 42-26. Uniontown we beat on 48 – 18.

    My kids were very tough and very aggressive.

    After that, we went to the Butler tournament. I split my squad between there and Smith Cotton High School. in Sedalia.

    I took seven kids with me to Butler. Out of my seven, four kids medaled. Cody Long got

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    ECS Courwarming 3 cc.tif

    El Dorado Christian Buffalos enjoy Courtwarming

    One exciting part of any basketball season is courtwarming. Last Friday, the El Dorado Christian Buffalos welcomed the Heartland Mustangs to El Dorado for their annual courtwarming games and celebration.

    The first game featured the Lady Buffalos vs. the Lady Mustangs. The Buffalos started strong scoring the first eight points. However, the scoring soon slowed and they took a seven-point lead into halftime. In the second half, the Mustangs took the lead as the Buffalos continued to struggle. In the end, ECH fell to

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    Turnovers still plague Bulldogs

    by Coach Ryan Waters

    Our basketball program is hard for me to describe. I feel like we continue to get better every game. We are currently 3 and 8 which wouldn’t tell anybody that we are very good. But you look at our competition, the teams we played, their record is like 75 wins and 56 losses.

    We are playing some of the best teams in the area. We have been in a lot of ballgames and had our opportunities to win. We just can’t close the door.

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    At halftime of the Tuesday evening game between the visiting Skyline Tigers and the El Dorado Springs Bulldogs, the Dawgs led 37 to 34 in game so fast paced it left some of the referees breathless. The Sun was not able to get any stats. We just grabbed some action shots of Ben Middleton (No. 3), Lance Molz (No. 5) and Riley Boyd (No. 21). It looked to this inexperienced observer like Coach Ryan Waters had met his goal of curing the turnover problem by Christmas.

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    Rile Boyd 2 cc.tif

    (No. 21)

    It looked to this inexperienced observer like Coach Ryan Waters had met his goal of curing the turnover problem by Christmas.

    Buldog Dance Team 3 cc.tif


    Since Tuesday evening was the first home varsity game, it gave the Bulldog Dance Team a chance to strut their stuff at halftime.

    ElDo 7th Grade Boys Tournament



    2-El Dorado Black


    4-El Dorado Red

    Round Robin

    Thursday Jan. 7

    5 p.m. Team 1 and 4 (Camdenton Home Team)

    6:15 p.m. Team 2 and 3 (Nevada Home Team)

    Friday Jan. 8

    5 p.m. Team 3 and 1 (Warsaw Home Team)

    6:15 p.m. Team 2 and 4 (ElDo Home

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    MFA Grant to NEVC4 cc.tif


    On Dec. 11, MFA Oil presented a $4,000 foundation award to the Northeast Vernon County R-1 Athletic Booster Club to be applied to refinishing the High School gym floor in Walker. MFA Oil President and CEO Mark Fenner described the MFA Oil Foundation as “a program that allows our company to give support back to the rural communities that are the foundation of our business. The grants the Foundation awards help support many youth programs and organizations active in addressing and solving community problems and improving quality

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