The Rock Wall

Posted November 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm

I remember a deer season or two ago when it was too hot to hang a deer. This year it’s too cold for a hunter to hang onto a tree stand. The temperature was 11 at our house Monday morning and 7 on Tuesday.

- Adrian and Cain (M/M Gilfoil) are going to be here for Thanksgiving. They planned to land at KCI and rent a car. Then Adrian asked if we’d come get them and she’d pay for our gas. I e-mailed back: yes and a no – we’ll pick them up and no she isn’t going to pay me.

Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing them.

I sent Cain some Man Rules. I want to see if he has a black eye yet.

- These are our rules.

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    The Rock Wall

    In past years, the peak fall color has averaged around Oct. 15, so we have been watching to see what effect the drought has on color this year.

    Monday morning, Oct. 15, I told Kimball that the oak and hickory trees north of our house looked the best I’d seen them. I also said I can never tell when the peak hits until a day or two later.

    I’m thinking today, Tuesday, that Monday was it.

    The sugar maples don’t play by oak rules.

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