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Posted April 10, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Kali Taylor, 4th year pharmacy student, is the April intern at Evans Drug. She attends the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy and is currently undergoing her final year of rotations before her May graduation.

A native of Augusta, KS, she attended Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS, and Friends University in Wichita, KS, playing softball at both prior to pharmacy school.

After graduation, Kali will complete a community pharmacy residency program through the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. Residency training includes work in a pharmacist run clinic participating in medication management of anti-coagulation and diabetes. She will also spend time working in an outpatient pharmacy and mentoring current pharmacy students.

    Hospital settles with nurses who named Methven in suit

    Cedar County Memorial Hospital settled out of court in March 2013 with three nurses who sued the hospital in 2010 over alleged verbal mistreatment by Dr. George Methven who is no longer employed at the hospital.

    As part of the settlement, the three nurses were barred from disclosing information about their settlement agreement to anyone other than their spouses, attorneys, accountants and state or governmental regulators or examiners. Cedar County Memorial Hospital made the three files available to the Sun newspaper as requested last week.

    The settlement agreement

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    Make the world’s largest movement to end cancer even bigger

    A tremendous amount of support and encouragement is fostered within each Relay For Life team. This fellowship can grow even stronger when you help recruit more participants – because the bigger your team, the further you can extend your efforts to finish the fight against cancer.

    Recently, you learned about the beginning of the Relay For Life movement and its founder, Dr. Gordy Klatt.

    In the spring of 2012, Dr. Klatt announced he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He underwent surgery that July and is now participating

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    According to El Dorado Springs Fire Chief Owen Elliot, a little after 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 8, someone informed the patrons and staff at Dave’s Diner on Hwy 54 that the restaurant’s roof was on fire.

    With the fire station just around the corner it didn’t take long for two pumper trucks and a service vehicle to arrive.

    Elliot said that the blaze was confined to one of the exhaust ducts to the grill. He said that there was some

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    Nevada man sentenced

    Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced April 3 that a Nevada man has been sentenced in federal court for his role in a $2 million scheme to defraud Cargill, Inc. by creating fictitious scale tickets for loads of corn that were paid for but never actually delivered to the company’s Butterfield feed mill.

    Lyle E. Tourtillott, 68, Nevada, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gary A. Fenner on Tuesday, April 1, to three years and one month in federal prison without parole. The court also ordered

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    Church Co-ed Volleyball report

    The winter/spring season of the Church Co-ed Volleyball League has come to a close with a double elimination tournament. For this 12 week rotation we had a total of eight teams. Finishing first was the And One team, composed of a mixture of churches. In second place was the NV team from First Baptist, the Bethel Free Will Baptist team came in the third slot.

    We offer a big thank you to First Baptist Church for offering their family life center for the volleyball league. We will begin again in September. If

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    Cemetery news

    Annual financial report

    Checking account balance April 7, 2013 – $1,414.14

    Donations – $550

    Mowing – $680

    CD interest credited to checking Acct. $34.97

    Checking account balance April 7, 2013 – $1,319.11

    CD amount – $10,000

    All donations are appreciated. Send to Brent Bland – treasurer, 1400 S. Grand, El Dorado Springs, MO, 64744.

    Tennessee Chapel Cemetery report

    Hazel Dell Cemetery report

    The Hazel Dell Cemetery financial report for year 2013 is respectfully submitted as follows:

    Checking account balance Jan. 1, 2013 – $1,583.83

    Cash donations $1,290

    Transferred from savings account giving balance of – $2,873.83

    Expenses included safety deposit box rental – $10, mowing – $1,800 and re-lettering the sign on the front fence $21.15.

    New balance Dec. 31, 2013 $1,042.68


    * $10 – Chester and Leone Greenstreet.

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    Sandridge Cemetery Report

    The 2013 Sandridge Cemetery report is as fillows:

    *Checking account at beginning of year, Jan. 1, 2013 – $1,728.74

    Contributions for maintenance:

    *$120 -Martha Dobbs and Family

    *$100 -Dean and Barbara Henry

    *$50 – Tom and Margaret Gough, Vernal and Sharyl Henry, Kent and Bonnie Henry, Joyce Highley, Dale Pratt, Isacc and Terry Smythia, Larry Stockstill, Doug and Ramona Edgman

    *$40 -Janice Gibbs, Ed and Sherri Morlan w/Ardith Morlan

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    Members of the Iris Belles Garden Club, a Federated Club of Missouri, gathered to plant an ornamental Cleveland Pear tree at the ElDo Youth Center on Friday, April 4.

    The group included Susie Janes, Mary McLeod, Ava Crotinger, Dorothy Foster, Chris Alexander and Vicki Golubski. El Do Youth Treasurer Michael Ash assisted with the digging and planting,

    Missouri first observed Arbor Day in 1886. The legislature designated the first Friday after the first Tuesday in April as the day

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