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Can the woolly bear caterpillar predict the weather?

Posted October 30, 2014 at 12:44 pm

The woolly bear caterpillar (Pyrrharctia isabella), often called the “weather worm,” is said to predict what Old Man Winter has in store. Folklore says the narrower the reddish-brown band on the caterpillar, the more severe the winter. But the width may be a better indication of the previous winter and spring than a prediction of the upcoming winter.

“As they get older they begin to lose that pattern,” said Bruce Barrett, professor of entomology with University of Missouri Extension. “So an early spring will give the caterpillar a head start in feeding and growing.”

The better the growing season, the bigger it will grow. Barrett says the color pattern for the woolly bear will change each time it sheds its skin, or molts, and it molts several times.

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    Mercy Clinic represented

    at State Conference

    Kay Forest, representing Mercy Clinic – El Dorado Springs, attended the Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics (MARHC) annual conference on Oct. 7 – 8 at the Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach. Topics covered at the annual conference included updates on issues affecting Rural Health Clinics at the state and federal levels as well as other issues specific to RHCs.

    Like many of the state’s rural health clinics, Mercy Clinic, located at 309 E Hospital Road, El Dorado Springs, MO, is dedicated to serving underserved segments

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    Report of truck stolen at Collins

    On Oct. 23, a St. Clair County deputy responded to Pilot truck stop, Collins, in reference to a stolen motor vehicle. Jeanne Beales reported a white two wheel drive 1995 Ford Ranger extended cab stolen from the parking lot. Beales stated the paint on the truck is peeling and the tailgate was not on the truck. The investigation is ongoing.

    Sheriff Keeler urges those with any information on this case to contact the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line, 417-646-5832, or email to tips@scsomo.org

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    Vernon Walt 1 cc.tif


    On Oct. 23, Vernon Wait, 53, Osceola, was arrested in St. Clair County on a felony no bond parole violation warrant on an original charge of second degree murder. The warrant was issued on Oct. 22.

    Marlon Collins photo for candidate response.tif

    Local Candidates want your vote!

    Please answer these questions:

    1. Name:

    2. Occupation:

    3. Office Sought:

    4. Reason you became a candidate.

    5. Please tell the voters what you see as the issues in this election, your position on each of them and how you will address each issue.

    6. Please tell the voters why you are the best person to fill this position. Please include information about your education and work experience.

    Presiding Commissioner

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    Genealogical Society hears about debunking records

    The Cedar-Vernon Genealogical Society met Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 in the fellowship room of the Church of Christ in El Dorado Springs. After a brief business meeting, Glen Christie presented the program “Debunking Misleading Records”.

    Genealogical sources of all kinds contain errors, both accidental and intentional, that mislead. Standard tests expose the errors, helping researchers make correct conclusions.

    Trusting single sources and information items in isolation, even an eyewitness’s information in an original record, can create genealogical brick walls.

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    Members needed for Extension Council

    Cedar County MU Extension Council will accept nominations for the 2015 public election of county extension council members. Names of nominees are needed during November for review by existing county council members. This invitation is to any Cedar County resident interested in joining the council.

    Cedar County MU Extension Council was created by Missouri state statute to work with MU Extension specialists covering Cedar County to provide resources in the form of an educational agenda that meets the issues, concerns, and residents of Cedar County. The council members are the front door

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    Persimmon seeds predict winter weather

    This coming winter in the Ozarks is going to be colder than average with a below average snowfall and a few warm spells. Well, at least according to persimmon seeds.

    “It’s a cherished bit of Ozarks folklore that the shape of the seedling inside a persimmon seed can predict upcoming winter conditions,” said Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist, University of Missouri Extension. “It is not a research-based way to forecast the weather, but once a year it is a fun tongue-in-check project and a great way to educate people about this unique native

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    Cards of Thanks

    We want to thank the Ministerial Alliance for organizing such a great service to our community.

    We want to thank the workers who stepped up to do the work. I'm sure they could have found an easier way to spend their Saturday. It was so appreciated by us and I'm sure by others as well.

    God works in many ways and this was just one of them.

    People Helping People

    Thelma and Kelly Forest


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    Bryce Robert Judd was born on Sept. 3, 2014, at the Nevada Regional Hospital to Whitney Franklin and David Judd. He weighed in at 7 lbs. and 7 oz. and was 22 1⁄2 inches long. A month later he posed for two five-generation pictures. (left) back row- Grandmother Trinity Wise and Great-Grandmother Jennifer Reeves; front row – Great-Great Grandmother Nancy Moore, Mother Whitney Franklin and Baby Bryce. (Right) back row – Grandmother Trinity Wise and Great- Grandfather Everett (Bud) Reeves Jr; front row- Great-Great- Grandfather the late Everett (Lucky)

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