Missouri Farm Bureau supports Amendment #7

Posted July 24, 2014 at 1:32 pm

Missouri Farm Bureau, the state’s largest general farm organization, announced today their support for Constitutional Amendment #7, the proposed transportation sales tax that will appear on the August 5 primary ballot.

“A good road and bridge system is so vitally important to agriculture and all of rural Missouri, and approval of Amendment #7 will make many needed transportation improvements throughout Missouri,” said Blake Hurst, president of Missouri Farm Bureau.

“We believe MoDOT has made great strides in recent years to increase its accountability, which is a top priority for Missouri Farm Bureau members,” Hurst continued. “The Missouri Highway Commission has implemented a process to fairly allocate transportation dollars to both rural and urban areas and has extensively sought the input of Missouri citizens in determining regional priorities. Having a 10-year sunset clause in Amendment #7 is important, and

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    Youth benefit from county fair experience

    According to a recent article in the Journal of Extension, the greatest motivator for participating in a county fair is “having fun.” However, Jeremy Elliot-Engel, 4-H youth development specialist with University of Missouri Extension, says participating in a county fair is much more.

    “Youth who participate in a fair also learn independence receive feedback, mastery and gain positive relationships with caring adults,” said Elliot-Engel.

    The county fair experience allows youth to balance their desire to have fun with the responsibilities of preparing and caring for livestock for exhibition

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    Desirable Community & Economic Development Go Hand-in-Hand

    There has been a lot of discussion lately about economic development in El Dorado Springs.

    Pinning hopes of economic prosperity doesn’t just start and end with industrial recruitment. Successful communities don’t focus exclusively on an industrial engagement plans, they first work on presenting a desirable product (the community itself). They recognize this as one of the main ingredients in developing a strong local economy.

    Identifying some of the main determinants of a strong local economy.

    • Desirable product (community)

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    Yard of the month 3 cc.tif


    Iris Belles Garden Club awarded the July Yard of the Month to Willis and Joyce Stratton, 1405 S. Kirkpatrick, El Dorado Springs.

    Their home, on the corner of Kirkpatrick and Hospital Road displays an array of different shades of red with a splash of yellow and pink rose moss in their back yard.

    Bright red petunias in large wash tubs and in mineral buckets sit in antique ice cream chairs. Several varieties of cactus greet you at the

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    Results of Senior Center Golf Tournament

    Championship flight: 1st place- Dave Coale, Danny Hays and David Maus

    2nd place- Cliff Heitz, Drex Salazar and Brian Bruce

    3rd place-Andrew Whitlock, Franklin Gonzalez and Chace Burrus

    A flight: 1st place- Clayton Sanderson, Kellen Hoover and Thorne

    2nd place- Kylie Bobbett, Ashley Rogers and Randy Bobbett

    3rd place- John Barnoski, Steve Comacho and B. Anderson

    B flight: 1st place- Gayman, Roberts and Horine

    2nd place- Nick Bland,

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    talent first group 2cc.tif

    2014 Picnic winners

    0 – 13 TALENT WINNERS – (from left) 1st place – Paige Esry, 2nd place – Alexis Britz and 3rd place – Abriel Vaughn.


    14 – 18 TALENT WINNERS – 1st place – Ben Vickers, 2nd place Jolene Hackney, 3rd place – Rachel Merrick.

    19 AND OVER TALENT WINNERS – (from left) 1st place – Rachel Arnold, 2nd place – Aaron Lemon, 3rd place tie – Andrea Bosell and Carrie Estelle Shane.


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    Cards of Thanks

    I would like to send out a big thank you to all the amazing people who donated to the 2014 Baby Contest and helped make it a success.

    Thank you Sonic, McDonalds, Alli's Floral, Evans Drugs, Subway, Ehlers Variety, Scooters III, Shelter Insurance, Wilkinson Pharmacy, Woods, Dave's Diner, Hackers' Jewelers, El Dorado Mexican Restaurant and Cantina and Pizza Hut.

    Megan Biddlecome

    Thank you El Dorado Springs for making El Dorado First Assembly of God's picnic booth our most successful to date.

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    ‘I’m More Alike Than Different,’ Says 4-H member

    Jack Neidigh is a member of the Sac River Stablemates 4-H Club in Greene County. He is also a 9-year old with both Down’s syndrome and autism.

    Jack and his mother, Lynn, made a presentation to the Southwest Region Extension Council on June 24 inside the Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center.

    His presentation, “I am More Alike Than Different,” highlighted the difference in communication for Jack, who uses a tablet computer to speak.

    The video of his presentation is available on YouTube at

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    ‘Angels’ give blood

    The staff and volunteers of the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks thank the following men and women who came to donate blood at the Church of Christ in El Dorado Springs on Thursday, July 17.

    We consider these wonderful people, who come to give blood for others, as God’s angels:

    LeRoy Yoder, Bethany Leedy, Shirley Beckman, Gregory Girven, Larry Daniel, Shelby Barger, Gary Speight, Steve Wiseman, Gerald Steward, Kay Sewell, Caeleigh Gardner, Melissa Torocco, John Keeton, Rylee Schuchman, Autumn Gerster, Larry Hoover, Jennifer Mays, Teresa Biddlecome, Catherine

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    accident free in korth 3 cc.tif


    Celebrating an accident-free year at the Korth Senior Center in Stockton are, from left, Pam Fidler – Care Connection for Aging Services Executive Board member representing Cedar County, Paul Born – meal coordinator, Leigh Anne Watters – Assistant Cook; Pat Anderson, assistant cook, Linda Peterson – regional head cook and Leonard Burton – Cedar County services director. Korth Senior Center is operated by Care Connection for Aging Services, a non-profit agency serving individuals 60 and older in 13 West Central counties, including Cedar.

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