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Posted February 4, 2016 at 9:15 am

Thank you CBCO blood donors.

The staff and volunteers of the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks thank all of you who came to give your pint of live saving blood at the El Dorado Springs Church of Christ on Thursday, Jan. 28..

Thank you to the following – Gary Badger, Terri Biddlecome, Bobby Budd, Kimberly Clark, Jacob Epperson, Merton Fogler, Michael Frier, Carissa Gardner, Autumn Gerster, Suzann Gladden, Terri Heitz, Robert Hite, Carolyn Jones, Lloyd Kempf, John Koger, George Lahr, Martha Lahr, Larry Lewellin, Dennis Lewis, Betty Marshall, Angel Merz, Judith Mogan, Carol Parmenter, Nancy Pitts, Anna Puckett, Diana Pyle, Catherine Rivers, Nicholas Rodenberg, Kay Sewell, William Simmons, Ernest Thomas, Debra Vickers, Kyle Vickers, Terri Vilafane, Stan Vilhauer, John Walker, Stasia Whitaker, Don Williams, Steve Wiseman and Travis Yerigan.

The following are volunteers

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    TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

    TOPS Chapter 0319 El Dorado Springs (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) met in the Church Of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Jan. 28.

    Leader Robbie called the meeting to order. Kay led us in singing “When Your Smiling.”

    Robbie’s words of wisdom:

    Fear—has two meanings

    Forget everything and run


    Face everything and rise

    The choice is yours.

    We welcomed one visitor today.

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    Don’t cool your exercise plan when temperatures drop

    Don’t drop your exercise routine when the temperatures drop, says Janet Hackert, University of Missouri Extension nutrition and health education specialist.

    You may need to modify your activities and dress, but continue to exercise, Hackert says. She quotes her MU Extension colleague, Steve Ball: “Some is better than none, more is better than some and too much is difficult to get.”

    Outdoor activities such walking, running or skiing, chopping wood or having a snowball fight are options, Hackert says. Be alert to temperatures and wind chill and take

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    conner 69th 2cc.tif

    CONNER 69th

    Dixie and Cliff Conner were married on Feb 1, 1947, in Fort Scott, KS. They were both 17. They celebrated with family and friends on Saturday, Jan.

    The Author 2 cc.tif

    Gardening to distraction

    Long-lasting blooms
    Thanks for sharing your gardening frustrations and adventures. The following are a few more readers questions and my suggestions:
    “I gave my wife an Amaryllis for Christmas. She said she enjoyed it but the blooms didn’t last very long. What do you recommend for longer lasting blooms? I don’t want to strike out for Valentine’s Day…..” – Mark

    Charlotte: Half of the fun of Amaryllis is watching the stems grow, the anticipation a promise

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    Capitol Stance 2 cc.tif

    Alissa Steward pictures her future

    It was a late December night when I happened to open up my email. I noticed something that I had never seen before. It was an invitation to go to a conference for juniors and seniors that had an interest in pursuing a career in journalism after high school. This was the start of a new adventure to the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.

    I have always loved photography. I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to take pictures at family events or vacations. I never really thought about pursuing a

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    Lily’s Story

    Chapter 7: Searching St. John’s

    by Carolyn Mueller

    A few days into the recovery from the Joplin tornado, Tara and Lily were assigned to search what was left of St. John’s Hospital. They needed to go to the roof, they were told, though it was unclear whether the building was structurally sound. The tornado hit the hospital dead on. There had been a scramble to save patients the night of the storm.

    A group of firefighters surrounded Lily and Tara in a tight circle as they ascended the remains of the hospital’s stairs. The windows were blown out, and holes were torn in

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    Lily’s Story

    By Carolyn Mueller

    Chapter 6: The aftermath

    A cloudy dawn brokeover Joplin on May23, 2011.

    Tara Prosser and Lily woke to a new world. Though their house suffered only cosmetic damage, the landscape surrounding them was greatly altered.

    Lily and Tara were sent to search the Home Depot on Rangeline. Rangeline is the aorta of Joplin, running right through the middle of town, host to major shopping centers, day cares and the high school. The Home Depot was split wide open by the storm, its contents spilling across the ground.

    When Tara and Lily arrived, they encountered an alien world. It was a foreign

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    Lily’s Story

    Chapter 4: Lily’s Illness

    By Carolyn Mueller

    It was a warm late spring day in 2011 when Tara first noticed a swelling on Lily’s neck. Lily didn’t eat that night, and she began to pace. Tara Prosser knew something was wrong. A discoloration grew in Lily’s eye, and she began bumping into walls.

    Monday morning, Tara awoke to find that Lily’s condition was worse. She rushed her beloved friend to the local veterinarians, who were completely stumped by Lily’s problem. They advised Tara to take Lily to the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Clinic in Stillwater, 180 miles away, as soon as possible.

    Without her

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