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Posted May 14, 2015 at 11:25 am

Recorder of Deeds Office

Cedar County

Carole Wilkerson Recorder

Leroy Glenn Farmer, 45, Stockton, and Sara Lynn Lampe, 36, Stockton

Ronald D Stapert, 81, Martinsville, IN, and Marcia L Gerlach, 77, Monrovia, IN

Garald Alan Spencer, 62, El Dorado Springs, and Debra Ann Lewis, 60, El Dorado Springs


    The Cedar County Commission met April 27, 2015. Present were: Marlon Collins, presiding commissioner; Don Boultinghouse, northern commissioner; John A. Fox, southern commissioner; Peggy Kenney, county clerk.

    Minutes from April 20, 2015,were approved.

    Met with Road and Bridge department.

    Kent Esry reported 500 Rd was in need of repair.

    Henry Ainley reported on roads.

    Quinten Cooper reported 1424 Rd was in need of repair.

    Approved bills and payroll to be paid.

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    The St. Clair County Commission met Wednesday, April 15, with Presiding Commissioner Robert Salmon, Northern District Commissioner Leroy Strope and Southern District Commission Gerald Williams present.

    The Commission and Road and Bridge Supervisor Cole Cochran reviewed dump truck repairs and road conditions.

    Commissioner Williams made a motion to accept the Land Commissioner’s Sale to Melvin B. Lammert Jr. of Lot 18, Block 54, Plat 13 in Twin Oaks Harbor for a selling price of $325. Motion carried.

    A quote was received from PC Net

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    The following felonies have been filed in Cedar County:

    Aaron M Anderson, El Dorado Springs, statutory sodomy – 1st deg-deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 14 x 4 1/1/08, incest x 2 4/27

    The following felonies have been disposed in Cedar County:

    Bradley E Keith, Pacific, assault – 2nd deg 9/2/13, three years DOC 4/27, $375 judgment pub defender, $46 judgment DVD

    Stephanie Ann King, El Dorado Springs, burglary 2nd deg 9/9/13, 5 yrs supervised probation 4/27

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    The following felonies have been filed in St Clair County:

    Brian W Faulkner, Osceola, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana

    Billy D Wood, Osceola, burglary, 2nd deg, stealing a mtr veh

    Calvin L Hill, Clinton, DWI-alcohol-chronic offender, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana, misd-DWR/S 1/26, theft/stealing 4/28

    Johnathon W Strutton, Osceola, burglary 2nd deg, resisting/interfering w/arrest for a felony, misd-theft.stealing 2/3

    Jami R Faulkner, Osceola,

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    The following felonies have been filed in Vernon County:

    Richard C Draper, Nevada, tampering with mtr veh 1st deg, misc-property damage 2nd 4/27

    Zackery Ryan Belcher aka Claypool, Nevada, DWR/S 4/26

    Nicole Lynn Dunn, receiving stolen property 4/7

    Brandon W Garwood, domestic assault 2nd deg, misd-violation of order of protection for adult 4/27

    Kenneth L Biles Jr, Hannibal, assault 1st, misd-domestic assault 3rd 4/28

    Cody Derry, Nevada, receiving stolen property 4/7

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    In the case of all arrests, it must be remembered that the charge is merely an accusation and all defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

    NOTE: Anyone having information concerning any alleged crimes are encouraged to contact the police department at 876-TIPS (8477)

    May 4 – Officers responded to 211 North Grand concerning a reported larceny. Investigation revealed the theft of $300 in cash from the victim’s checking account. Investigation continuing.

    May 5 –

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    May 4 – Report of assault on 1656 Rd Stockton.

    Report of disturbance on North Ward Stockton. Handled by Deputy.

    Report of disturbance on 1525 Rd Stockton. Handled by Deputy.

    Ambulance calls – Spring Street Stockton; 1700 Rd Stockton; 202 High St Stockton; College St Stockton; transfer from CCMH to Royal Oaks; Scenic iStockton; Oak St in Stockton.

    May 5 – Report of suspicious person on Englewood Stockton. Handled by Deputy.

    Report of motor vehicle accident

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    May 4 – Two St. Clair County arrest warrants issued for Thomas Timberlake, 55, Osceola, for failing to appear in court on class C felony of assault on law enforcement officer and class D felony of resisting arrest/detention/stop by fleeing creating a substantial risk of serious injury/death to any person. Total bond set at $2,000 cash only.

    Charges stem from incident in July 2014 when St. Clair County deputies assisted with a call regarding vehicle failing to yield to Osceola Police Department. Vehicle was traveling northbound on Hwy 13 in the southbound

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    4/13/15 – Follow-up Insp. of the Sonic Drive In

    4/20/15 – El Dorado Café

    1 critical

    6 non criticals

    4/20/15 – The Pitt Stop

    No items noted

    4/22/15 – Sky Ranch Operations

    No items noted

    4/22/15 – Sundae’s Drive In

    No criticals

    1 information finding

    4/22/15 – Viking Club # 129

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