Posted February 4, 2016 at 11:19 am

The following felonies have been filed in Cedar County:

Brian C Hargrave, El Dorado Springs, domestic assault, 2nd deg 1-10

Shawn A McCullick, El Dorado Springs, non support 9-1-15

Alan Shane Ray, Stockton, passing bad check 11-7-14

Deann A Dwelkotte, Stockton, non support 11-1-15

Jerry Nichols, Neosho, tampering w/mtr veh – 1st deg., property damage 2nd deg, DWR/S, theft/stealing x 2 1/7

The following misdemeanors have been filed in Cedar County:

Terra West. Monett, assault 3rd

Richard Kevin Jackson, El Dorado Springs, operated mtr veh knowingly w/o operable lamps/tail lamps, DWR/S 12/13

Charles L Trost, Everton, sexual abuse 6-14-15

Brayan Jymson Moss, DWI – drug

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    January 12:

    Keith Beisley, nuisance disabled veh x 2, $101

    Travis Burnett, tail lights required, head light required, license plates not attached, DWR, $427

    Christopher Cretel, expired plates, head light required, $101

    John Donahue, manner pedestrian travel, $35.50

    Chadd Ellison, disorderly conduct in Park, $75.50

    Robert Gainey, expired plates, $50.50

    Thomas Hill, dog at large, $50.50

    Jason Miller, larceny, $124.50

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    Jan 25 – Arrests: Just L. Murphy, 17, El Dorado Springs, for no operator’s license. He was released on summons pending appearance in court.

    Brian C. Hargrave Jr, 31, El Dorado Springs, for an active Cedar County warrant charging him with domestic assault with a $10,000 bond. He was released on his own recognizance pending court appearance.

    Officers responded to 200 South Summer concerning a reported burglary. Suspect identified and investigation continues.

    Jan 26 – Arrests: Daniel K. Ridley, 52, El Dorado Springs, for

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    Jan 25 – Report of welfare check on Blake St in Stockton. Handled by deputy.

    Report of theft on 02 Rd in El Dorado Springs.

    Ambulance calls – residence on Owen Mill Rd in Stockton; residence on East St in Stockton; residence on Elizabeth Dr in Stockton; residence on North Main in El Dorado Springs; residence on 1537 Rd in Stockton; residence on East Sunset in Stockton; residence on South Sac St in Stockton; transfer from CCMH to 1537 Rd in Stockton; residence on 1120 Rd in Stockton.

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    Jan. 20 – Vehicle reported stolen in St. Clair County earlier in the week was recovered in Henry County. Three days prior, a St. Clair County deputy took report in reference to a 2006 Honda Accord stolen on NW 751 Rd. Heather Carpenter, Appleton City, reported she was driving and her vehicle broke down. Carpenter said she left the vehicle and came back the next day and it was gone. Value of vehicle estimated at $3,000.

    Vehicle recovered after Henry County deputies responded to report of an abandoned vehicle. Upon arrival, deputies

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    Jan 22 – Harassment at 2000 Block E Hunter, Walker

    Burglary 2nd deg unlawful entry-res at 1 5200 block E BB Hwy, Nevada

    Burglary 2nd deg Forced at 17100 block S T Hwy, Deerfield

    Trespass 1st deg at E Lady Rd, Nevada

    Violation of order of protection for adult at 27000 block E Quail Rd, El Dorado Springs

    Violation of order of protection for adult at 100 block E Katy Ln, Walker

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