Place for kids

Posted September 24, 2015 at 10:53 am


Most of you know folks in your community who works with fatherless boys, underprivileged children etc. Be sure and pass on to any of them the news about the development of this 50 acre tract on the Brush Creek near Collins.

It will have cabins, kayaks, a field fixed for soccer or softball, archery, trails, etc. and it will all be free. If any of you want to come and see it, let me know at

Larry Dablemont

    Done deal?


    We are told by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News that as the votes are now set up in the Senate on the Iran Nuclear Treaty that it is a done deal as the Democrats have enough votes to kill any Republican attempt to derail President Obama’s deal to allow the world’s most dangerous nation to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Now this is the same man who said that Iran would never be allowed to have nuclear weapons then little by little the great John Kerry

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    Secretary Kerry has ties to Iran


    The end of President Obama’s masterpiece of diplomacy is now awaiting action by the United States Government as our great Secretary of State, John Kerry, has toiled night and day to get this peace agreement signed by all the necessary parties and bring security to the Americans. Or will it do that?

    Now, John Kerry as Secretary of State was the principal negotiator for the United States but we have questions now as to whether or not John Kerry

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    Stars and bars at my home


    When Barack Obama burst onto the political stage he was going to be all things to all people. Number one was the Great Unifier, he was going to bring everyone together regardless of race, color, religion or sexual preference he was going to love everyone equally. He was going to have the most open administration the nation has ever known. Yes, and all this will happen when pigs fly over the White House lawn and his Muslim buddies have pork on their menu.

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    The Great Pretender


    Well the great Pretender has done it again, at least up to this point. Now lets see if Congress has enough guts and common sense to kill this danger to the United States once and for all. There are enough loop holes in this thing you could throw Obama’s ego through it and you can’t find anything bigger than that.

    Now we have had the terrorist attack down in Tennessee and still the Great Pretender can’t bring himself to

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    Iowa loved the Picnic


    Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed the El Dorado Springs Picnic. We drove from Iowa to see Drewsix and had a great time at your festival. Such a fun community and very friendly people.

    Please tell those who are responsible for putting on your festival they did a great job.

    Cindy Huebner

    Elkhart, IA

    Patriot speaks out

    Courts vs opinion polls:

    The Supreme Court decision lately was not about whether Obamacare is constitutional. It was a “feel-good opinion” supporting a collective, dictated, unaffordable, punishing, intrusion on personal individual rights. Obamacare is what I call an “existence fee” as you must not only pay to play you must pay because you exist.

    Obamacare became law in March 2010. Over 2,000 pages tied the HHS Agency to the I.R.S is no friend of anyone I know of except our

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    Truth Trumps

    Well, just when you thought politics couldn’t get any crazier, something always comes up and hits you where it hurts.

    With Obama’s policies in so much disarray, it looks like we might be in for a change in the White House so a large number of Republicans are getting into the line up to attempt to gain the nomination for their party and hopefully replace this imitation of a President.

    So, along with the usual political faces, we see one

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    Lone bid too high on Childhood Development Center

    El Dorado Springs R-II Superintendent Mark Koca and representatives from Dake Wells Architecture met at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 23, to accept and open bids for construction on the Early Childhood Development Center the school will build on Park Street at the southeast corner of the Elementary School.

    When the sole bid received from Westport Construction was opened, it was termed “way over budget.” The school board said at the special meeting last Thursday, June 25, it would probably rebid the project.

    The bid was $1,323,000. The grant

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    It’s not right

    By now everyone has heard that the Supreme Court has ruled that every state is required to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Even though most of the states have voted not to sanction same sex marriages, we are forced to comply with the law.

    This amounts to the court making laws as opposed to their constitutional role of interpreting laws. The constitution says nothing about marriage and five justics have imposed their will on the majority by the minority.

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