Dear Mr. Bozarth,

Posted May 26, 2016 at 1:37 pm

Thank you so much for your letter. It gives me a chance to express my opinion about El Dorado Springs.

You left El Dorado Springs one year before I arrived. I know your memories of ElDo are special to you, but in 1979, the town I saw had potholes in streets big enough to swallow a small car. I saw a city run by well meaning people faced with rapidly changing legal and environmental challenges.

I want to know why you think El Dorado Springs is responsible for some of the unfortunate things that have happened here. A lot of the businesses that were thriving when you left were Mom and Pop operations. If their kids weren’t interested, were we to hog tie them and make them stay? The Shoe

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    A broken heart

    I was born and raised in El Dorado, with the exception of seven years early in my childhood. My grandparents lived there as do my parents today. As a result, I come home often and my heart breaks with what I see.

    Downtown is a veritable ghost town, dining, shopping, and good employment are almost impossible. And I look back with fondness to the years of my youth. Oh, and there was the bowling Alley. Then, downtown was vibrant and filled with activity on a daily basis,

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    Good neighbors


    Isn’t it amazing how people’s imaginations can run away with themselves?

    They claim they can smell the local chicken and egg operations all the way into town and even into the next county; (Dade) when people living 1⁄4 mile or less from them smell nothing. What people don’t realize is that the egg operation is free range, completely organic and hardly a CAFO. That’s not to say that there are many semi loads of non-organic chicken litter coming into

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    Return nation to basic principles


    Our nation today is facing a challenging time, perhaps the most challenging 200-year history. Not just the fear of terrorism or the risk of an economic collapse or the threats of war but because we have drifted away from the founding principles and values that made the USA the greatest free society the world has ever known.

    Most of the problems our country is facing today can be traced back, at least in some part, to a departure from

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