Lone bid too high on Childhood Development Center

Posted July 2, 2015 at 11:16 am

El Dorado Springs R-II Superintendent Mark Koca and representatives from Dake Wells Architecture met at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 23, to accept and open bids for construction on the Early Childhood Development Center the school will build on Park Street at the southeast corner of the Elementary School.

When the sole bid received from Westport Construction was opened, it was termed “way over budget.” The school board said at the special meeting last Thursday, June 25, it would probably rebid the project.

The bid was $1,323,000. The grant Gov. Jay Nixon announced when he visited the El Dorado Springs School District Tuesday, Aug. 12, to announce a new investment through Missouri Start Smart to expand access to quality early childhood education was $988,275 through a complicated financing arrangement that involves the City of El Dorado Springs, El Do

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    It’s not right

    By now everyone has heard that the Supreme Court has ruled that every state is required to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Even though most of the states have voted not to sanction same sex marriages, we are forced to comply with the law.

    This amounts to the court making laws as opposed to their constitutional role of interpreting laws. The constitution says nothing about marriage and five justics have imposed their will on the majority by the minority.

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    Return nation to basic principles


    Our nation today is facing a challenging time, perhaps the most challenging 200-year history. Not just the fear of terrorism or the risk of an economic collapse or the threats of war but because we have drifted away from the founding principles and values that made the USA the greatest free society the world has ever known.

    Most of the problems our country is facing today can be traced back, at least in some part, to a departure from

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