Obama – fact or fantasy

Posted November 27, 2015 at 9:35 am

President Obama’s actions of the past several months can make one wonder if he is of a sound mind or if he is living I a world of total fantasy. With terrorism coming from the Islamic world on a daily basis he will not join the words terror and Islam together, instead he will again and again tell anyone who will listen that Islam is a religion of peace. At the same time Iran’s leaders and people shout “Death to America and Death to Israel” and the Isis animals responsible for beheadings of Christians and any other person who opposes them are killed while they announce their plans of attacks on the United States of America. For some reason that doesn’t sound like a religion of peace to me.

No I have no doubt that a member

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    Return nation to basic principles


    Our nation today is facing a challenging time, perhaps the most challenging 200-year history. Not just the fear of terrorism or the risk of an economic collapse or the threats of war but because we have drifted away from the founding principles and values that made the USA the greatest free society the world has ever known.

    Most of the problems our country is facing today can be traced back, at least in some part, to a departure from

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