Just a note about school bond

Posted March 26, 2015 at 10:30 am


What new school will do.

1. Will be nice to look at?

2. Will be a burden to tax payers

3. Will likely double utilities and maintenance cost

What new school will not do.

1. Produce a better or more qualified student

2. Provide jobs locally

3. Improve traffic flow around school

4. Will NOT improve drop out rate

5. Will NOT improve attendance rate


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    Project: Missouri


    Hello, my name is Adi, and I am a fifth grade student at Napa Valley Language Academy. The reason I am writing to you is that my class is doing state reports and I have chosen your amazing state of Missouri. I would really like it if you posted my letter in your newspaper so that I can get all the help I need for my report. What I need from you or your readers are pamphlets, postcards, souvenirs or anything else that would be useful.

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    Return nation to basic principles


    Our nation today is facing a challenging time, perhaps the most challenging 200-year history. Not just the fear of terrorism or the risk of an economic collapse or the threats of war but because we have drifted away from the founding principles and values that made the USA the greatest free society the world has ever known.

    Most of the problems our country is facing today can be traced back, at least in some part, to a departure from

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