No need to spray fungicides on lawn mushrooms

Posted August 14, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Rainfall, followed by a few days of warm temperatures, will usually bring out mushrooms.

When that happens, local University of Missouri Extension centers start getting telephone calls from homeowners wondering about what to do with the new mushrooms (or toadstools).

According to Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist, University of Missouri Extension, mushrooms may be unsightly to homeowners, but they do little damage to lawns and trees.

“In some cases, mushrooms benefit the landscape by releasing nutrients,” said Byers.

In some cases, the mushrooms may grow in a circle, forming “fairy rings.”

Grass inside the rings is darker green and may grow taller as nutrients released as organic matter is decomposed by the fungal bodies. In other cases, the soil inside the ring may become engulfed with fungal

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    jitterbugged smallmouth 2 cc.tif

    Fishing in the dark…

    In August and early September I have enjoyed some of the best top-water fishing I can recall, with nothing more than a casting reel, my old johnboat and an old-fashioned jitterbug lure… and a headlamp. It puzzles me that when I am fishing during the daytime, that jitterbug, first made seven decades ago by the Arbogast Lure Company, doesn’t seem to get much attention from bass. I use another old reliable Arbogast lure, the hula popper, during daylight hours and catch bass on it. But it

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    Share your opinions on protecting deer

    Go online to to share opinions on proposed MDC regulations. Public comment period ends Aug. 14. Thank you to those who have already submitted your comments.

    As you may well know, the Missouri Conservation Commission recently approved proposed regulation changes to the Wildlife Code of Missouri regarding the operations of hunting preserves and wildlife breeding facilities that hold white-tailed deer, mule deer, and their hybrids. Under the Missouri Constitution, MDC (which is governed by the citizen-led Conservation Commission) has the authority and

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    Cats biting on grasshoppers

    ElDo Report

    by Charles Keith

    R&R Sporting & Tackle

    We did the best we ever did. It was in the Osage on yellow grasshoppers. We put in at Taberville and went down. People who put in there and went up caught nothing.

    We caught 10 blue cats from 25 lbs. up and 25 lbs. down on big ol’ yellow grasshoppers. That’s the only thing they would bite. They threw seven back that were in the slot length and illegal. They

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    PumpkinsOFGR 3 cc.tif

    When to pick a pumpkin?


    by Marilyn Odneal, Horticulture Adviser

    Vonna Day of Hartville, along with her husband, Lynn, plants a good- sized garden every year. Their garden is approximately 30 by 40 feet and their usual crops are corn, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and okra. Vonna found she was growing a new crop this year.

    “Last year I got some pumpkins from friends and after I used them for decoration, I broke them up and put them out in the garden. This year,

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    Plan fall garden now

    Some of the best quality garden vegetables are produced and harvested during the fall season when warm, sunny days are followed by cool, humid nights.

    However, there are also problems with getting a fall garden started according to Patrick Byers, a horticulture specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

    “August brings with it high soil temperatures, high light intensity and rapid soil drying. These factors present real problems with getting uniform stand of plants,” said Byers.

    In August, the surface of the soil can become

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    Container gardening 2 cc.tif

    Container corn?


    by Marilyn Odneal, Horticulture Adviser

    Container gardening is a great way to garden on decks, patios, apartment balconies and even roofs. I have grown vegetables, fruit and ornamentals in pots, but this is the first time I tried corn plants. I came across hybrid seed specifically designed for container production in the Burpee Seed Catalog – On Deck – and decided to try it this year.

    I used sterile potting media to fill 20 inch in diameter fiberglass “whiskey barrels.” Although this

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    Bountiful benefits of blueberries

    The news on blueberries continues to get better.

    “Nature has provided amazing health benefits in these tiny fruits, and packed them with exceptional taste, plump juicy sweetness, and a powerful dose of nutrition,” said Dr. Pam Duitsman, nutrition and health education specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

    Blueberries contain few calories, virtually no fat or sodium, and are full of dietary fiber and vitamin C. But berries are most known for their health-promoting phytonutrients.

    “While all berries benefit our health, noteworthy research has focused

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    Uncle Norten 2 cc.tif

    Sister Creek….


    I am writing this column from a place on Bull Shoals Lake known as Sister Creek.

    Yesterday evening, after a thundershower, as the sun sank away and a mist rose from the hollows to the west, I sat on a high ridge watching the lake below, calm and peaceful, without a motorboat in sight. And letting my imagination go, I could see in the distance, an old wooden johnboat. At its stern was a young man with a cigar, and a hand-carved sassafras paddle that seemed to be

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    White bass, crappie, and walleye biting in right spots

    Taberville Report

    by Linda McCallister

    Dain’s Fish Farm

    Nothing is going on down at the river. It doesn’t have any current. People aren’t even talking about fishing there.

    The channel cat fishing seems like it has slacked off over at the South Lake at Schell. Last week, they were doing pretty good on limb lines and trotlines. A grandfather and his grandson used every kind of bait that we had: shad, brown carp, goldfish. They didn’t have a ton of

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