The buck that ran away

Posted November 20, 2014 at 11:27 am

I missed the son-of-a-buck… I can’t figure out how but it wasn’t my fault. It was dark because of the snow clouds and he was behind me and he was walking in some brush and I wasn’t at all accustomed to the rifle I was using. So he’s out there somewhere and I have to keep on hunting all this week. Well, something good comes from every bad situation, if you look for it, but really I think I’d druther be hunting ducks this week.

I missed him and I guess confession is good for the soul because too many of my readers think I never miss what I shoot at and that all my fish are lunkers. Those of us who write about the outdoors too often skip over the times we goof up and fall

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    When hunting keep these tips in mind

    * Safety is always the most important aspect to keep in mind. Nothing matters more than firearm and tree-stand safety. And ALWAYS identify your target as a legal deer before putting your finger on the trigger. Never consider shooting at sounds in the brush.

    * Talk to landowner about deer patterns and locations. He probably knows where the deer travel and gather.

    * Always wear a safety belt or harness while in a tree stand, and never climb into a tree with a loaded gun.

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    Conservation Corner

    Bald Faced Hornets

    If you spend much time in the woods you can begin looking for bald-faced hornet nests.

    This year it is not too early but as a rule, you should wait for the first cold spell. These large gray nests are familiar from their frequent use in natural history displays. Built in trees and shrubs, each was begun in spring by a single overwintered queen.

    These wasps chew wood, mixing it with starches in their saliva and use this substance to construct the

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    Firearms opening-weekend deer harvest tops 91,000, up by 30,000 from 2013

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that hunters checked 91,460 deer during the opening weekend of the 2014 November Portion of Firearms Deer Season this past weekend. Top harvest counties for the opening weekend were Franklin with 1,839 deer checked, Howell with 1,793, and Callaway with 1,791.

    In area counties, hunters in St. Clair County checked 1,367 deer: 654 antlered buck, 189 button bucks and 524 does. Vernon County was next with 880 deer checked; 461 antlered buck, 101 button bucks and 316 does. Cedar County hunters checks 796 deer: 389

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    Order native trees, shrubs and woody vines from MDC State Nursery

    Native trees, shrubs, and woody vines can help improve wildlife habitat and soil and water conservation while also improving the appearance and value of private property.

    The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) George O. White State Nursery near Licking offers Missouri residents a variety of native seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, erosion control, as well as for wildlife food and cover.

    Orders can be placed until April 15, 2015. Orders will be shipped or can be picked up at the State Nursery from February through May. Quantities are limited

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    trout fisherman 2 cc.tif

    Brown trout and bad leaves


    If you like to catch trout, the White River below Bull Shoals dam is a great place to fish in November because as it gets cold, the fishermen are far fewer. The winter spawning season is drawing near and both rainbow and brown trout are hungrier because of it. And there’s an abundance of rooms available if you want to fish several days.

    If you want information about trout fishing, call Gaston’s Resort which is only a mile or so below the dam, or call the White Hole

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    Conservation Corner

    Quail research reveals surprises

    by Scott Sudkamp

    MDC researchers in southwest Missouri are studying how bobwhite quail respond to two different types of landscapes.

    For decades, hunters and biologists alike have considered quail to be primarily associated with agricultural landscapes – a mix of crop fields, idle grassy areas for nesting and brushy hedgerows for cover and protection. While it was known that quail also could be found in prairies and well-managed pastures, it was thought that they probably preferred the ag landscapes and that

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    MDC limits anterless permits 3 cc.tif

    MDC limits firearm antlerless deer permits

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds deer hunters that firearm antlerless deer hunting permits have been reduced from “any number” in most counties of the state to one in most counties of the state. The reduction applies to all portions of the firearms deer season combined.

    Exceptions to this regulation change allow hunters to fill two firearm antlerless deer permits in Chariton, Randolph, Macon, Linn, Sullivan, and Adair counties, which surround the area where chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been found

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    Get the point? 3 cc.tif

    Graham Cave marks 50 Years as a State Park

    by Tom Uhlenbrock Missouri State Parks

    Now 70 and 71, brothers Dennis and Terry Harris were boys when archaeologists excavated a cave on their family farm near mid-Missouri and made a startling discovery that redefined our understanding of human history by thousands of years.

    “We’d always find stuff when we were over here playing,” said Terry Harris, the older brother. “Every time it would rain, something would wash out.”

    The brothers visited the cave recently for an event marking the 50th anniversary of the founding

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    Garden Journal helpful to gardeners

    There are many steps to creating a beautiful, productive garden. Soil preparation, mulching, adding compost, starting seeds, when to plant and when to harvest are just a few things you need to understand to create a successful garden.

    Donna Aufdenberg, Sarah Denkler and Katie Kammler, horticulture specialists with University of Missouri Extension, have created “From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar” to help both beginners and experienced gardeners.

    The spiral-bound book includes graphs for designing gardens. There is also information on gardening with children, container

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