Suffering from a Shortness of Spring

Posted May 14, 2015 at 9:19 am

The good times seem so short don’t they? Mushrooms are there and gone overnight it seems, and the turkey season whiffs by like a cool breeze in the middle of a hot summer. And then by golly, it isn’t spring any more. You fill the cooler with a mess of slab crappie, spawning in shallow water, and you turn around and they are gone. The white bass jump all over a topwater lure just below the shoal, and then while you watch the white petals fall off the dogwood, they just get the heck out of there and all you can see is gar and carp, flopping around in the shallows, muddying up the water.

Can you remember what those beautiful redbud blossoms looked like? Seems like a long time ago when they erupted overnight. I always

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    Reluctant gobbler 2 cc.tif

    Spring turkey harvest up for fourth year in a row

    RELUCTANT GOBBLER? SNEAK – Davis Long has a solution for reluctant gobblers. Sneak up on them. The last thing that went through the mind of this strutting 23-8 gobbler with 1 1⁄2 inch spurs and a 10 1⁄4 inch beard was 2 oz. of No. 6 Hevi-Shot.

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reported that turkey hunters checked 43,991 birds during Missouri’s 2015 regular spring turkey season Apr. 20 through May 10. Top harvest counties were Franklin with 897 birds checked,

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    Cats biting on rod and reel

    Tabervlle report

    by Bobby Dains

    Dains Fish Farm

    Monday was a good day. I’d say today will be, too. The river, which is running bank full, quit running trash.

    They were doing real well with white cats on rod and reel on shad and river worms. What ever you can get ahold of. Some of them caught cats on perch.

    The size is just right below the slot limit – 26 – 34 inches – which

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    Alligator-snapping-turt 1 cc.tif

    Conservation Corner

    Missouri’s turtles
    Turtles and tortoises represent the oldest living group of living reptiles on earth. Reptiles are a class of animals which also includes crocodiles and alligators, lizards and snakes.

    Missouri has a total of 17 species of turtles that can be divided into three of the following groups: hard-shelled aquatic turtles, soft-shelled aquatic turtles and hard-shelled land turtles.

    The common snapping turtle is one of the most abundant turtles in the eastern half of the U.S. They range in upper shell length from eight-12 inches and weigh from

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    MDC foresters say 17-year cicadas will raise a racket

    For 17 years a particular brood of cicada nymphs tunneled through the soil, sucked sap from roots and grew from ant-like specks into bumblebee-sized nymphs. They will emerge by the thousands this spring in western Missouri and transform into winged adult insects, with male cicadas raising a raspy racket as they serenade females.

    Periodical cicadas pose no threat to people and minimal threats to trees. But early summer will be abuzz with sound where 17-year cicadas emerge, said Rob Lawrence, forest entomologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

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    Conservatoin at ECS 3 cc.tif


    Conservation Agent Joshua Shadwick visited El Dorado Christian School Elementary on Thursday, Apr. 9. Agent Shadwick brought several animal skins and taught the students how to identify each one. He also discussed the importance of animals and that many are on the endangered species list. Pictured with the agent are 3rd through 6th grade students. Photo by Mrs. Caldwell, ECS 5th and 6th grade teacher.

    PRETTY BIRD 2 CC.tif

    The gobbler, the bass and the mushrooms

    He made the mistake of gobbling, an hour or so after sunrise, up on top of a wooded ridge. Then he heard my little box call and slowly came down the hillside looking for companionship. Hidden most of the way, gobbling every couple of minutes, he made my heart beat a little faster as he broke into a spot of sunlight in the timber just above the creek.

    And there he was. My gosh I never saw anything so beautiful, as he broke into strutting posture and then

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    Gar, drum, shad but not crappie at Caplinger Mills

    Taberville Report

    by Linda McCallister

    Dain’s Fish Farm

    Fishing is not too bad.

    At Schell last week, a customer was trotlining with perch and goldfish. He caught to blue cats about 20 lbs.

    A lot of people are fishing for crappie with minnows at Schell. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they fish in the north or south lake.

    They seem to be having better luck at night with a light.

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    Conservation Corner

    In looking back at a Conservationist magazine from May 1985, I discovered an article by Tom Johnson who then was our Herpetologist. I don’t know of anyone who knows more about “herps” than Tom. I am printing portions of this article because in today’s world, small ponds are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    Years ago, Tom got permission from a farmer in Montgomery County to gather a few crawfish, frogs on his land. Tom asked him how old the small pond was. “That old thing?” he asked. “Been here as

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    State Park stories

    by Tom Uhlenbrock

    Ask Betsey Browning, the bait lady, what will be for sale this summer at the Grand Glaize Marina at the Lake of the Ozarks and she recites a menu sure to make any fish bite.

    “I have minnows and shiners, goldfish and crawdads, your rosies, wax worms, red wigglers and crawlers,” Browning said.

    Browning is a life-long resident of the lake area and ran the Dam Bait Shop below Bagnell Dam for eight years.

    She sold that

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