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Landowner Tags

Posted September 24, 2015 at 9:20 am


I got my landowner permits yesterday, the darndest roll of yellow tags you ever saw. I actually have some land in three counties, but the total of those places comes to just under 80 acres.

That makes me one of those people that really upsets the Conservation Department. Remember not too many years back, they decided that they would give landowner permits only to those who owned 80 acres or more? A near revolt on the part of Ozark landowners put a quick end to that.

They could surely have made a million dollars more if they could have pulled that off. I once contributed a lot with archery tags, gun deer tags and turkey tags, but now all three are on that long line of yellow plastic. I caution you though,

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    Fishing is slow

    Taberville Report

    By Sharon Dains

    Dains Fish Farm

    It’s kinda slow. We had some campers in. They caught a few white cat on gold fish. All sizes. Some above the slot. Some below the slot. Some in the slot they had to let go.

    ElDo Report

    By Ruth Foreman

    R&R Bait & Sporting

    My cousin caught some crappie. He didn’t tell me where. He caught them on

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    Duck blind for handicapped 3 cc.tif

    MDC provides accessible duck blind at Duck Creek for hunters with disabilities

    Duck Creek Conservation Area has a new accessible hunting blind ready for use in the upcoming waterfowl seasons.

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has installed a new accessible hunting blind at Duck Creek Conservation Area (CA) for waterfowl hunters with disabilities. The blind, which is ready for use in the upcoming waterfowl seasons, is a final piece of renovations to the area.

    “We want to help all people discover nature and this accessible duck blind is part

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    MDC: drought caused tree rot

    by Jill Ornitz

    According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, instances of tree rot and fungi appearing across the state was likely caused by the massive drought that affect the Midwest in 2012.

    Simeon Wright, a forest pathologist at the Missouri Department of Conservation, said that trees are much more vulnerable to developing rot and fungus when they are subjected to periods of high stress. The 2012 drought was one of those periods.

    “Many trees may not show symptoms right away, but over time,

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    share-the-havest 3 cc.tif

    MDC and CFM encourage deer hunters to Share the Harvest

    Many Missouri families can’t afford to put high-quality, low-fat red meat on the dinner table. Deer hunters can help by sharing their harvests through Missouri’s Share the Harvest program. The venison-donation program connects deer hunters with hungry Missourians through participating meat processors and local hunger-relief agencies around the state.

    In 1992, a group of bowhunters in Missouri began the program to share the deer they harvested with those less fortunate. Since then, Missouri hunters have donated more than 3.3 million pounds of venison to the

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    Fish biting on Stockton

    Only Stockton State Park Marina’s Harry Lefferts had a report this week:

    It ain’t that dead.

    They were catching smallmouth earlier today (Tuesday) about 15 or 20 ft. deep around the points where they were fishing for walleye. They were legal. They didn’t keep them because they didn’t want to eat them.

    Someone else came in with some walleye this morning. He was using worms fishing the same depth on rocky points. They way the wind is blowing, it ought to be fairly easy

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    What you can do with September

    There are some bow-hunters who will hunt deer in a week or so, when they open the bow season way to early. If they hunt the last week of the season they will indeed be pursuing their favorite pastime in two different worlds, as different as September and January.

    You begin in 80-degree heat, mosquitoes and flies and spider webs. You watch for copperheads as you walk to your hunting area, and strain your eyes to look through a green canopy from your tree stand, unable to

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    Honored for quail restoration 3 cc.tif

    MO Department of Conservation biologists earn national honor for quail efforts

    Two Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) biologists were recently honored for their work on a job that’s being tackled by biologists in many states – how to make things better for bobwhite quail.

    Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges received the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative’s (NBCI) Fire Bird Conservation Award. The two MDC biologists were honored in August at NCBI’s annual meeting in Galloway, N.J. Loncarich is a wildlife management biologist who works out of MDC’s Neosho office and Hedges is a wildlife management biologist who works out of MDC’s office in Bolivar.


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    alligator_gar 3 cc.tif

    Conservation Department continues alligator gar restoration

    Please Credit “Courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation”

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) stocked alligator gar in August as part of a program that began in 2007 at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge and has grown throughout areas of Southeast Missouri.

    Salvador Mondragon, an MDC fisheries management biologist, said the project is part of the Department’s mission to protect and manage a valuable fishery in the state.

    “This is an effort to restore biodiversity through the restoration of

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    Fish still biting

    Taberville Report

    by Bobby Dains

    Dains Fish Farm

    Fishing has got to be getting better and it wasn’t too bad to start with.

    They have been catching cats on trotlines and they caught a few flatheads this time. The flatheads did pretty good.

    They were baiting with perch, goldfish, shad. They caught quite a few white cats on cut shad and live shad.

    Actually some of the bigger white cats were caught

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