Cats biting in Osage

Posted September 11, 2014 at 12:25 pm

Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing has been pretty good.

Last week a lady caught a 35 lb. cat on a rod and reel. They were fishing out of a boat with shad.

We had camper setting trotlines. They were pretty successful when the river came up.

Then they couldn’t get in to get their lines out so they started fishing with rod and reel from the bank over on Little Clear Creek by Hwy. O. They caught 3 to 4 lb. channel cats on night crawlers.

When the river went down, they were able to retrieve their trotlines. They lost a couple of hooks but they still had a blue cat on the lines

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    September success 2 cc.tif

    Buzz-birds of two kinds


    Someone asked me recently when hummingbird feeders should be taken down, to insure that hummingbirds would migrate on time and not be caught in a winter snap of some sort. I once believed that was important, but I realize now that leaving feeders filled with liquid has nothing to do with delaying the little birds migration flight. It doesn’t.

    Migration is triggered by dwindling light, and the change of many factors as fall moves closer. Hummingbirds may indeed die at any stage of their migration, as thousands of

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    Welcome to Conservation Corner

    Each week your local Missouri Department of Conservation employees will print articles related to our Mission which is to protect and manage the forest, fish and wildlife resources of our state; to facilitate and provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy and learn about these resources.

    Whether you live on a farm or in town, there are many ways we can help you. We sell permits, waterfowl stamps, books and DVDs and we have lots of free publications relating to Missouri wildlife, fishes and forests. Many of those publications can help

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    Youth waterfowl hunting clinic offered Oct. 11 and 25

    Applications open Sept. 1 for the 20th Annual Wilderness Lodge Youth Waterfowl Clinic and Hunt. The event takes place on the second and fourth Saturdays in October.

    The two-part workshop Oct. 11 and 25 is open to participants age 9 through 15. First-time participants will spend the first Saturday of the event learning about waterfowl hunting rules, safety and calling, duck identification and retrieving-dog training. They will also practice wing shooting and learn how to choose the right combination of shotgun and ammunition for ethical, effective hunting. The program will take place

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    The last bass

    It was early October of 2010, and the first falling leaves were floating along the river beside us. Uncle Norten and I had enjoyed a great day of fishing. The bass had been hitting, and I marveled at how well he could cast and fish at his age of 87.

    He had begun to have trouble remembering how to get to the river, but he had no trouble remembering how to fish a spinner-bait, or bounce a jig

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    Deer hunting, then and now

    I remember what deer hunting was like back when I was a boy. I am utterly amazed at how it has changed. Some very good hunters regularly visited Dad’s pool hall where I worked as a kid. Most of them were rural people who knew all about deer and how they moved. At that time in the mid-60′s I would estimate the Ozarks of southern Missouri had about 10 to 20 percent as many deer as we have today. In those times, if I remember right, the season was only a few days and

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    Fish biting at night

    Lake Stockton Report

    by Michael Weis

    Stockton State Park Marina

    A couple of guys brought in a lot of crappie the last couple of nights. They said they were using lights.

    The crappie were keepers, but not much bigger than keepers.

    We have a few crappie beds throughout this area.

    People have been bringing in a steady amount of catfish. They are using perch on trotlines and jugs. The cats run up to 10 lbs. a couple of blues but mainly flatheads.


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    Walleye bite in August in Canada

    It was hot last year, too, the first week of August.

    We wondered what the weather was like in Canada. Sondra Gray, who is the editor of the Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal which I publish, loves to fish, and her husband, David, had a vacation coming up. Gas was high, about 2.59 a gallon, if I remember right, but a display company in Minneapolis had asked me to build an old time wooden johnboat about 10 feet long and they would pay my expenses for delivery. So

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    Regular spring turkey harvest totals 40,447

    Hunters checked 40,447 turkeys during Missouri’s regular spring turkey season, up by 2,120 from 38,327 last spring, or about one percent. The harvest of 4,319 turkeys during this year’s spring youth weekend, March 31 and April 1, brought the 2012 spring turkey harvest to 44,766, up about one percent from 2011. Youth hunters harvested 3,893 turkeys during the 2011 spring youth weekend for a 2011 spring total of 42,220.

    Top harvest counties during the regular 2012 spring turkey season, April 16 through May 6, were Franklin with 852, Texas with 803 and

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