Spoonbilling still good from a boat

Posted April 17, 2014 at 11:22 am

Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

I just talked to Bobby about the fishing report. He said that over the weekend snagging is still real good from a boat. Bank fishermen have not been having much luck.

Over the weekend, he weighed in spoonbills that went 76 lbs., 73 lbs., 69 lbs. So they are still getting some big ones.

I haven’t heard anyone say if the fish are up river or down river. Before I would have said towards Roscoe because they are getting them at Warsaw, then they were getting them at Roscoe. Then they started gradually coming up. So I would have said closer downstream, but I’m not sure that is still the case.

Crappie fishing has

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    Paddlefish snagging report and advisories

    Report for April 10.

    Snagging places and prospects.

    Truman Lake

    •Please remember the 34-inch-length limit (eye to fork of tail), AND after you have snagged your second paddlefish, you are done snagging for the day on Truman Lake and its tributaries.

    •Truman is up a couple feet from last week and is about 1-foot above normal pool. This past weekend there was good flow in the Marais des Cygnes and Osage rivers, they were close to bank full. However, water

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    winning bait for Stockton tourney 2 cc .tif

    Amis takes 1st/Thompson gets big bass

    Bill Amis, Shawnee, KS, took top honors at last Saturday’s ABA tournament on Stockton Lake with a 5-fish limit that weighed 18.99 lbs. He was leading for Big Bass for a while with a 6.77 lb. black, but that lead soon went down when his boater partner weighed in. That partner was Brian Thompson, Springfield, who took 2nd place with a weight of 18.05 lb, anchored with Big Bass of the tournament, weighing 6.83 lbs.

    Amis took $468 for 1st

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    Ten pounders every spring

    I caught another 10-pound fish this week on ultra-lite gear with four-pound line. I do it about every year while fishing for white bass on a small tributary where they like to come to spawn. Caught one last year and another the year before.

    I wish I could say they were 10-pound walleye, but they weren’t. They were carp. Every carp I catch during the spring is hooked in the body somehow.

    Wish I could hook a 10-pound walleye just once. It is a fact, though, that gold

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    girl-with-turkey 2 cc.tif

    Youth turkey season harvest tops 4,000


    Young hunters checked 4,332 turkeys during Missouri’s youth turkey hunting season, April 12 and 13, topping the 4,000 mark for the second time in the youth season’s 14-year history.

    Top counties in the youth season were Franklin with 107 birds checked, Cedar with 96 and Webster with 92. The Missouri Department of Conservation recorded one nonfatal hunting incident during the weekend hunt. Youth hunters reported killing 63 birds in St. Clair County and 51 in Vernon County.

    Conservation Department Resource Scientist Jason Isabelle says the strong youth season

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    First gobbler 2 cc.tif

    Spring turkey outlook good for much of Missouri


    Missouri turkey hunters have reason to be optimistic about the 2014 spring turkey season, according to the state’s turkey expert.

    Missouri’s spring turkey season runs from April 21 through May 11. The youth season takes place April 12 and 13. This year’s hunting regulations are nearly the same as last year.

    One difference is in tagging requirements. Hunters no longer need to attach their voided permits to harvested turkeys, as long as they remain with the turkey. If you are away from your turkey, you must attach your

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    Weapons of war against weeds 3 cc.tif

    Weapons in the war against weeds: Short handled tools


    by Marilyn Odneal, Horticulture Adviser

    Well, the dandelions will always be with us – and they are here again to greet spring. If you don’t usually rely on herbicides in your war against weeds, you still have plenty of hand tools for your arsenal. Here are some short-handled weeders for effective hand to weed combat.

    Most weeders have a skinny neck (tang) that has the blade at one and attaches to the handle at the other. The tang is often secured to the handle and strengthened by a

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    Last one 3 cc .tif

    The last bass

    It was early October of 2010, and the first falling leaves were floating along the river beside us. Uncle Norten and I had enjoyed a great day of fishing. The bass had been hitting, and I marveled at how well he could cast and fish at his age of 87.

    He had begun to have trouble remembering how to get to the river, but he had no trouble remembering how to fish a spinner-bait, or bounce a jig

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    Deer hunting, then and now

    I remember what deer hunting was like back when I was a boy. I am utterly amazed at how it has changed. Some very good hunters regularly visited Dad’s pool hall where I worked as a kid. Most of them were rural people who knew all about deer and how they moved. At that time in the mid-60′s I would estimate the Ozarks of southern Missouri had about 10 to 20 percent as many deer as we have today. In those times, if I remember right, the season was only a few days and

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    Fish biting at night

    Lake Stockton Report

    by Michael Weis

    Stockton State Park Marina

    A couple of guys brought in a lot of crappie the last couple of nights. They said they were using lights.

    The crappie were keepers, but not much bigger than keepers.

    We have a few crappie beds throughout this area.

    People have been bringing in a steady amount of catfish. They are using perch on trotlines and jugs. The cats run up to 10 lbs. a couple of blues but mainly flatheads.


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