Fishing Report for May 26

Posted May 26, 2016 at 10:49 am

Taberville Report

by Bobby Dain

Dains Fish Farm

There can be fish caught. They caught lots of small fish last week. The river started falling out which messed things up. It’s looking good to start over again though. I think it will be good again.

I talked to some guys that came in today. They are turning fish back, all below the slot. They have been fishing down towards Roscoe and catching more than 10 a day per person. There were three of them fishing.

I’m not hearing much about crappie. They are buyng minnows every day and I know they catch fish because they keep coming back. I don’t know whether they are slaughtering them or not but they are caching fish.

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    I am smiling 2 cc Front page.tif


    I AM SMILING – Peregrine falcons hatched this spring were recently removed from a nest box atop a building in Kansas City, given identification leg bands and then placed back in the nests. The falcons have downy white feathers now but will mature and fledge, or fly, in June.

    Peregrine falcons continue to thrive in the Kansas City area, and a new nest at Thomas Hill Reservoir in Randolph County may be a forerunner of future nests

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    State record spotted bass 2 cc.tif

    Warsaw angler catches state-record spotted bass

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports Jason Reynolds of Warsaw became the most recent record-setting angler in Missouri when he hooked a spotted bass on Truman Lake on a jug line. The new “alternative method” record spotted bass, caught by Reynolds on May 11 weighed two-pounds, 11-ounces with a length of 17 1/2 inches. Reynolds was using bluegill for bait to try to catch catfish, but instead caught a state-record spotted bass.

    “I really can’t believe I caught a state–record fish,”

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    FARM GIRL 2 CC.tif

    Becoming a Farmer, For Wildlife

    FARM GIRL – My daughter, Christy, was talked into spelling ol’ Dad for a round or two on the tractor. Didn’t last long… she kept thinking it was about to turn over.

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND – I found the two arrowheads recently after rain had washed over the plowed food plots and found the deer antler in March. Boys will get a chance to find both.

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    Last one 3 cc .tif

    The last bass

    It was early October of 2010, and the first falling leaves were floating along the river beside us. Uncle Norten and I had enjoyed a great day of fishing. The bass had been hitting, and I marveled at how well he could cast and fish at his age of 87.

    He had begun to have trouble remembering how to get to the river, but he had no trouble remembering how to fish a spinner-bait, or bounce a jig

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    Deer hunting, then and now

    I remember what deer hunting was like back when I was a boy. I am utterly amazed at how it has changed. Some very good hunters regularly visited Dad’s pool hall where I worked as a kid. Most of them were rural people who knew all about deer and how they moved. At that time in the mid-60’s I would estimate the Ozarks of southern Missouri had about 10 to 20 percent as many deer as we have today. In those times, if I remember right, the season was only a few days and

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    Fish biting at night

    Lake Stockton Report

    by Michael Weis

    Stockton State Park Marina

    A couple of guys brought in a lot of crappie the last couple of nights. They said they were using lights.

    The crappie were keepers, but not much bigger than keepers.

    We have a few crappie beds throughout this area.

    People have been bringing in a steady amount of catfish. They are using perch on trotlines and jugs. The cats run up to 10 lbs. a couple of blues but mainly flatheads.


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    Walleye bite in August in Canada

    It was hot last year, too, the first week of August.

    We wondered what the weather was like in Canada. Sondra Gray, who is the editor of the Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal which I publish, loves to fish, and her husband, David, had a vacation coming up. Gas was high, about 2.59 a gallon, if I remember right, but a display company in Minneapolis had asked me to build an old time wooden johnboat about 10 feet long and they would pay my expenses for delivery. So

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    Regular spring turkey harvest totals 40,447

    Hunters checked 40,447 turkeys during Missouri’s regular spring turkey season, up by 2,120 from 38,327 last spring, or about one percent. The harvest of 4,319 turkeys during this year’s spring youth weekend, March 31 and April 1, brought the 2012 spring turkey harvest to 44,766, up about one percent from 2011. Youth hunters harvested 3,893 turkeys during the 2011 spring youth weekend for a 2011 spring total of 42,220.

    Top harvest counties during the regular 2012 spring turkey season, April 16 through May 6, were Franklin with 852, Texas with 803 and

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