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Corn coons and critters caught on camera

Posted November 19, 2015 at 11:33 am

This week I will get all my deer feeders emptied. They have served their purpose. Putting out corn for deer goes hand in hand with the craze in game cameras, the automatic cameras you strap to a tree which photograph any thing that moves in front of it.

They fascinate me because they show you how many raccoons we have nowadays and on rare occasions show a roaming mountain lion or black bear. But mostly they show roaming gangs of masked bandits… corn stealers.

When I was a boy, raccoons weren’t very plentiful. Trapping and coon hunting was responsible for that but only because the pelts were worth good money back when money wasn’t so easy to come by. Today, there isn’t

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    MDC adjusts duck blind usage at Montrose area

    Low water conditions have prompted the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to close three waterfowl hunting blinds and one wade-and-shoot position at the Montrose Conservation Area. But 10 hunting blinds and one wade and shoot position remain open for use.

    MDC leases the 2,750-acre area from the Kansas City Power & Light Co (KCP&L). The utility uses Montrose Lake on the area for cooling water for a coal-fired electrical general plant. KCP&L has dropped water levels to perform maintenance on the dam.

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    Firearms deer season opening weekend harvest 97,000+

    Preliminary data from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) shows that deer hunters in Missouri harvested 97,171 deer during the opening weekend of the November portion of fall firearms deer season, Nov. 14 and 15. Of the 97,171 deer harvested, 53,359 were antlered bucks, 10,320 were button bucks and 33,492 were does.

    Top harvest counties for opening weekend were Texas County with 2,184 (2,230 as of Monday) deer checked, Howell County with 1,959 (2,035)and Franklin County with 1,899 (1,932). As of Monday, Cedar County Hunters had checked 823 deer – 401 antlered

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    The last bass

    It was early October of 2010, and the first falling leaves were floating along the river beside us. Uncle Norten and I had enjoyed a great day of fishing. The bass had been hitting, and I marveled at how well he could cast and fish at his age of 87.

    He had begun to have trouble remembering how to get to the river, but he had no trouble remembering how to fish a spinner-bait, or bounce a jig

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    Deer hunting, then and now

    I remember what deer hunting was like back when I was a boy. I am utterly amazed at how it has changed. Some very good hunters regularly visited Dad’s pool hall where I worked as a kid. Most of them were rural people who knew all about deer and how they moved. At that time in the mid-60’s I would estimate the Ozarks of southern Missouri had about 10 to 20 percent as many deer as we have today. In those times, if I remember right, the season was only a few days and

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    Fish biting at night

    Lake Stockton Report

    by Michael Weis

    Stockton State Park Marina

    A couple of guys brought in a lot of crappie the last couple of nights. They said they were using lights.

    The crappie were keepers, but not much bigger than keepers.

    We have a few crappie beds throughout this area.

    People have been bringing in a steady amount of catfish. They are using perch on trotlines and jugs. The cats run up to 10 lbs. a couple of blues but mainly flatheads.


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    Walleye bite in August in Canada

    It was hot last year, too, the first week of August.

    We wondered what the weather was like in Canada. Sondra Gray, who is the editor of the Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal which I publish, loves to fish, and her husband, David, had a vacation coming up. Gas was high, about 2.59 a gallon, if I remember right, but a display company in Minneapolis had asked me to build an old time wooden johnboat about 10 feet long and they would pay my expenses for delivery. So

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    Regular spring turkey harvest totals 40,447

    Hunters checked 40,447 turkeys during Missouri’s regular spring turkey season, up by 2,120 from 38,327 last spring, or about one percent. The harvest of 4,319 turkeys during this year’s spring youth weekend, March 31 and April 1, brought the 2012 spring turkey harvest to 44,766, up about one percent from 2011. Youth hunters harvested 3,893 turkeys during the 2011 spring youth weekend for a 2011 spring total of 42,220.

    Top harvest counties during the regular 2012 spring turkey season, April 16 through May 6, were Franklin with 852, Texas with 803 and

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