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Hartzler hosts business conference

Posted October 1, 2015 at 10:05 am

Dear friend,

I had the pleasure of visiting the University of Central Missouri to host the 2015 Missouri Business Conference. This conference is a gathering of Missouri’s small business owners, students and industry experts to discuss issues facing business today and learn techniques and strategies to become more successful. It was great to see so many eager young students and business owners come together to strengthen Missouri businesses and grow our economy. The conference was a great success, and I wish all who attended continued success and prosperity.

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or know someone who is, I urge you to check the events page on my website for

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    Cedar County Library receives technology grant

    Secretary of State Jason Kander announced that Cedar County Library received a technology grant in the amount of $2,595. The funds will be used to replace four obsolete laptops used for computer lab services, improving the technology services offered to patrons.

    “This grant will enable Cedar County Library to continue to provide the best resources and services to the public,” Kander said. “Improving technology and replacing outdated equipment ensures our libraries are able to better serve their communities and Missouri as a whole.”

    Kander awards reading grant to library

    Secretary of State Jason Kander announced that Cedar County Library received a grant in the amount of $2,238 to establish or expand existing early literacy programming. The funds will be used to strengthen the library’s partnership with local Head Start programs and provide in- house story times at each of its branches.

    “This grant will help Cedar County Library bolster early literacy programming that makes sure children are ready to read by the time they begin school,” Kander said. “I’m proud my office is again able to increase learning opportunities and resources

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    Hartzler continues fight to defund Planned Parenthood

    Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) today voted to pass the Women’s Public Health and Safety Act, giving states flexibility in determining whether individuals or entities that perform or participate in the performance of elective abortions can participate as providers in their Medicaid programs.

    “Protecting innocent unborn lives is paramount to defining who we are as a people and as a nation,” Hartzler said. “No federal dollars should go to any institution in the business of abortion. Period. Giving states the ability to exclude abortion providers from their Medicaid programs stops the flow of

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    Missouri’s legislature hands the governor an historic veto override defeat

    by MDN Staff

    Gov. Jay Nixon now is tied for suffering the greatest number of non-budget veto-overrides in a single year in Missouri history. On Wednesday, Sept. 16, Missouri’s legislature overrode 10 of the governor’s vetoes. Coupled with the two vetoes overridden in the spring, it ties the 1833 record for legislative rejection of a governor’s vetoes of non-budget items. In all, 12 of the 18 bills Nixon vetoed will become law.

    In total during the course of his administration – including both budget and non-budget veto overrides,

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    Helping picky eaters ‘grow’ into healthy eaters

    Picky eaters can turn every meal into a battle of wills. If it’s too green, too crunchy, too soft, too orange or just any vegetable, they will not eat it.

    The key to getting your picky eater to try new things isn’t wrestling at the dining table, but rather to take them outside. Teaching young children to grow a garden can make them more adventurous eaters.

    “There’s lots of studies that show if kids are gardening they are more willing to try fruits and vegetables,” said Margo Myers,

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    Applications open for pork industry Scholarship

    The Missouri Pork Association is now accepting applications for the 2016 Youth Pork Ambassador Program. The program allows students to actively interact with leaders in Missouri’s pork industry and receive a $1,000 scholarship, payable to any technical school, community college or a four year institution. The Ambassador will not only be awarded a scholarship; but will also have many opportunities to increase his or her knowledge of the pork industry.

    The main goal of the Missouri Youth Pork Ambassador is to promote the Missouri Pork Association and the pork industry at various

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    Gov. Nixon calls for nominations to Academy of Missouri Squires

    Gov. Jay Nixon called for nominations from Missourians to the Academy of Missouri Squires, a non-profit organization that honors Missourians for their accomplishments on the community, state or national levels. The Academy, founded by Gov. James T. Blair in 1960, is limited to 100 living members.

    Vacancies due to death or resignation are filled through the nomination process, which considers nominees submitted by the public and the membership of the Academy. Currently, there are 85 living members and 15 vacancies. up to 10 new Squires may be added in the Class of

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    Savvy Senior®

    Specialized services that help seniors relocate

    Dear Savvy Senior

    I need to find some help with selling my elderly mother’s house – where she’s lived for almost 50 years – and relocating her to an apartment or condo closer to where I live. Can you recommend any businesses or services that specialize in helping seniors relocate?

    Overwhelmed Daughter

    Dear Overwhelmed,

    The process of selling a house and moving to a new home, or downsizing to

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    Heart yourself with Omega-3s

    Across the globe, heart health is becoming a growing concern. In order to combat a rising epidemic of heart disease and other heart-related illnesses, more and more Americans are placing a greater emphasis on the critical role of nutrition and a balanced diet.

    More than likely you’ve heard about the importance of a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and its associated health benefits. However, despite this knowledge, it can be difficult to consume enough Omega-3s through diet alone. Knowing where to find the best sources of Omega-3s can be key to

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    Strengthen local nonprofits

    Community Development specialists with University of Missouri Extension are available to provide education, coaching, and training for non-profits.

    “Non-profits are often are

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