Hartzler and House vote to secure our homeland while protecting America’s sovereignty

Posted January 22, 2015 at 12:24 pm

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) and the House have approved legislation to fully fund border security and protection of our homeland while preventing the use of federal dollars to fund President Obama’s November executive action halting the deportation of people who are in this country illegally.

“I have been an outspoken critic of President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration and am glad we addressed this overreach early in the new session of Congress,” said Hartzler. “Now is the time to take that action to protect our borders and to ensure that our immigration laws are respected.”

“The Homeland Security Appropriations Bill increases funding for customs and border protection, bolsters enforcement of the immigration and customs

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    Committee appointments and Henry S. Geyer Award

    I was honored to receive the Henry S. Geyer Award from the Mizzou Legislative Network. The award honors one legislator and one public citizen who have had a significant impact on higher education in the state of Missouri. The award is named after Rep. Henry S. Geyer, who, in 1839, sponsored the “Geyer Act,” which established the University of Missouri and public education in the state of Missouri.

    Ten years ago, when I first came to the State Capitol, I really wasn’t

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    Rep. Love and Mrs. Love 2 cc.tif

    Love note from Jeff City

    My Fellow Missourians,

    The 98th General Legislative Assembly gathered in Jefferson City, Wednesday, Jan. 7. My day began at the Concord Baptist Church. The church hosted an annual breakfast and prayer service for Missouri government leaders.

    The charge to the General Assembly was delivered by Dr. Anthony Allen, President of Hannibal-LaGrange University. His message was “Our Hope” for government leaders to seek wisdom from Almighty God.

    At high noon, the House convened and

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    McCaskill won’t run for governor in 2016

    by MDN Staff

    U.S. Sen. Clair McCaskill announced Monday, Jan. 12, she will not seek the Democratic nomination for governor in 2016.

    The Democratic senator acknowledged her party had lost a majority of the U.S. Senate.

    But the two-term Missouri Senator said her role as a moderate in the Senate was a factor in her decision.

    “I am now in a part of a much smaller group holding down the middle, the moderates, that are able to talk to the

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    Blocking pay raises for elected Missouri officials advances.

    The House Rules Committee, Wednesday, Jan. 14, approved a resolution to block pay raises for legislators, statewide elected officials and judges.The raises, up to 11 percent, were approved by a state salary commission created by Missouri’s Constitution to establish every two years the salaries for the state government’s elected officials.

    Those pay hikes automatically take effect unless rejected by a two-thirds vote of both the Missouri House and Senate. The legislature has until the end of January to pass a resolution blocking the pay hikes.

    Changes of the water and highway patrol merger recommended

    A special House Committee investigating the merger of Missouri’s Highway Patrol and the Water Patrol has recommended better training of officers, but not abandonment of the merger.

    The investigation was prompted by the drowning death of a drunken-boating suspect arrested by a Highway Patrol officer at Lake of the Ozarks in the spring of 2014. The suspect, Brandon Ellingson, fell or jumped into the water from the patrol boat and drowned despite efforts of the arresting officer to rescue the suspect.

    Critics charged that road-patrol officers were insufficiently

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    Savvy Senior®

    How to claim the Retirement Saver's Tax Credit

    Dear Savvy Senior,

    A coworker was recently telling me about a tax credit she got last year for simply contributing to our company’s 401(k) plan. What can you tell me about this, and who’s eligible?

    Over 55

    Dear Over,

    It’s called the “retirement saver’s tax credit,” and it’s a frequently overlooked credit that’s available to low and moderate-income individuals and families who make saving for retirement a

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    Personalizing your Medicare options: What’s right for you?

    Finding the right Medicare plan can be a little confusing – there are so many plans and coverage options to choose from.

    Health and wellness company Humana is helping to simplify the selection process and educate Medicare shoppers as they decide on 2015 coverage during the annual Medicare enrollment period, from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. Getting back to the basics can help people choose a plan that will fit their budget and help them stay healthy in the year ahead.

    For people eligible for Medicare, one challenge

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    Five ways treating hearing loss can revitalize your life 2cc.tif

    Five ways treating hearing loss can revitalize your life

    Listen up, boomers: Do you want to stay active? Vibrant? Socially engaged? Professionally successful? Most of us do.

    So maybe it’s time to do something about your hearing.

    Chances are, if you’re like many baby boomers, you’ve rocked your way through your fair share of concerts, night clubs, and ear-blasting parties. And you’ve enjoyed years of other noisy recreational activities to boot. Simply: You’ve been enjoying life. You’ve spent decades doing it. And it’s

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    Senate sets legislative priorities for 2015 Session

    Addressing the state’s education policies and municipal court reform will be top priorities for the upper chamber, Senate Leader Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, announced in his opening address Jan. 7. Dempsey was elected unanimously for his second term as Senate Leader. A total of 17 senators were also sworn in during the opening ceremony, including six new members who were elected on Nov. 4, 2014.

    Dempsey said he expects members will unite once again this session in their commitment to fight for Missouri’s children and raise the standard of education in the

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