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Hartzler Responds to President’s Obamacare Repeal Veto

Posted January 14, 2016 at 11:40 am

Dear friend,

The first week of 2016 was a very historic week in Washington as Congress, for the first time,sent a bill repealing key provisions of Obamacare to President Obama’s desk.

While the House has, in recent years, passed dozens of bills to fully or partially repeal the health care law, this is the first time one of those bills was not blocked by Senate Democrats. It was given an up or down vote in the Senate through a rarely used procedure known as reconciliation which allows Senators to vote by stopping Democrat filibustering tactics. This common sense bill, which also ends government funding of Planned Parenthood, was sent to the President’s desk.

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    State Senator Mike Parson Sponsors Resolution to Prevent Agricultural Tax Increase

    As we begin the 2016 legislative session, I want to remind you my door is always open. If you are ever in the capitol, please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello. Since 2004, I have tried to represent your views and concerns in the Missouri State Capitol. Protecting your hard-earned tax dollars and standing up for our way of life continues to be my top priority this year.

    One of the biggest challenges the general assembly will face this year

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    Bipartisan members of Congress from five states stand together to oppose Missouri River Master Manual revisions

    Twenty members of Congress representing five states in the Missouri River Basin are to be commended for their Dec. 17 letter to Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) Jo Ellen Darcy. The bipartisan letter strongly urged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service “to only pursue a [Missouri River] management plan that would not necessitate a revision of the Master Manual or incur damaging impacts to stakeholders and landowners.”

    Coordinated by Missouri Senator Roy Blunt and Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer and signed by their colleagues from Iowa,

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    Resolutions of Reform

    By Garrett Hawkins

    It’s that time of year. Gyms are packed, spandex sales have skyrocketed and diet foods have replaced fudge, almond bark-dipped pretzels and other holiday treats. According to a survey conducted by, “living a healthier lifestyle” and “losing weight” are among the top five New Year’s resolutions again this year. Topping the 2016 list is “enjoying life to the fullest” — these folks most certainly can’t be the same individuals who have decided to forgo sweets and do hundreds of lunges and ab crunches.


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    Top 5 stories for farmers to tell in 2016

    by Kari Barbic

    The average consumer today may be three to four generations removed from the farm, but they are far from indifferent when it comes to knowing how their food gets to the table. People want the facts about their food—and being entrusted with those facts can help increase their trust in farmers, ranchers and other suppliers throughout the food chain. A recent survey by the Center for Food Integrity uncovered this key to growing consumer trust in agriculture: transparency. Consumers are eager to learn more, straight from the farm, and

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    Several state lawmakers sponsored bills to raise the gasoline tax next session

    by Nicole Shaddy

    Raising the tax on gasoline is among the major issues prefiled for the 2016 legislative session that will begin Jan. 6, 2016.

    While some of the bills involve relatively modest increases, one would boost the gasoline tax by seven cents per gallon — from 17 cents to 24 cents.

    The bill is sponsored by Rep. Margo McNeil, D-St. Louis County. Her measure would put the issue before Missouri voters for final approval if it cleared the legislature.

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    Savvy Senior®

    Could you have COPD?

    Dear Savvy Senior,

    I have struggled with some shortness of breath for the past five years or so. I just thought I was getting older and out of shape, but a friend recently mentioned I may have COPD. What can you tell me about this?

    Breathless Bob

    Dear Bob,

    COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a serious lung disease that, over time, makes it hard to breathe. What’s more,

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    Discover the power of a smartphone with these 5 tips

    As with all technology, mobile phones have come a long way in a short amount of time. Gone are the days of big, bulky phones. Today, phones are sleek and slender and, in most cases, smart, allowing users to surf the Internet, watch movies and keep in touch with friends and family.

    The potential downside of smartphones is the assumption that they are difficult to use. However, with a few simple tips, smartphones can be easier to operate than older cell phone models. Once the basics are mastered, users can easily take

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    Test-driving one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain

    Nearly 100 million Americans currently live with chronic pain – more than the number of people affected by diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine. While that number may be difficult to grasp, for those suffering the issue is very real indeed.

    A survey by the American Pain Foundation found that patients battling chronic pain feel depressed, have challenges concentrating and deal with both limited energy and problems sleeping. For many patients relief can be hard to come by. Many aren’t sure where to turn

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