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Hartzler honored by American National Cattlewomen

Posted April 21, 2016 at 10:00 am

Around the District

In Versailles, I toured Martin Metal, a business that has, for 30 years, manufactured construction materials, employing about 80 people. This company bills itself as a “one stop shop for your next building project,” offering rolled metal roofing and siding, custom metal trim pieces, custom built trusses and a full lumber yard. Martin Metal will even contract the concrete and labor for customers.

While I was impressed with the operation of the business, I was touched by the attention paid to family. This is, indeed, a family-oriented company that works with its employees who are raising families. Women are able to bring their babies to work. In addition, employees are given the flex-time

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    Organ Donation: The Gift of Life


    Organ donation is one of the greatest gifts we can give others. It’s a recognition of our shared humanity, and a selfless acknowledgment that after we’re gone, we can still give back to our fellow men and women.

    As an elected official, I meet with countless people. Sometimes, those meetings can be incredibly humbling, which was the case this week when I met with the families of organ donors and recipients, along with the

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    Love note from Jeff City

    My Fellow Missourians,

    A very welcome Spring shower has the grass growing and mushrooms popping up. The trees are leafing out along with Redbuds and our beloved state tree, the Missouri Dogwood, in full bloom. The turkeys are beginning their Spring strutting, and a very successful youth hunt is underway. The boat ramp parking lots are full indicating a good number of fishermen are out on the lake fishing for crappie and snagging spoonbill. Recreation and tourism, Missouri’s number two industry is thriving.

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    Missouri’s House votes to allow weapons at legislative hearings

    by Devon Yarbrough

    A loaded firearm could be carried into a meeting of a Missouri legislative committee under a provision given overwhelming approval by the Missouri House Wednesday, April 13.

    The provision was offered as an amendment to a bill dealing with where a person with a concealed weapons permit could carry a firearm.

    During the House debate, an amendment was offered to make it a crime to carry firearms into any governmental meeting.

    But Rep. Deb Lavender, D-St. Louis

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    Savvy Senior®

    Auto insurance discounts for older drivers

    Dear Savvy Senior

    I’ve read that many car insurance companies offer a variety of discounts to older drivers when they retire or reach a certain age. What can you tell me about this?

    Discount Seeker

    Dear Seeker,

    Most auto insurance companies offer policyholders a wide variety of discounts, many of which can benefit retirees. Auto insurers love older drivers because they’re experienced behind the wheel and they drive

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    Key facts to know before you buy reading glasses

    Your 40th birthday was a while ago and since then, print looks like it’s been getting smaller. Moving printed matter farther from your eyes to bring it into focus worked for a while, but now you’re stretching your arm as far as it will reach. Since that arm’s not going to get any longer, it may be time to get some reading glasses.

    A visit to an eye doctor can confirm if you’re experiencing presbyopia, a natural side-effect of growing older. As you age, the lens inside our eye loses flexibility and

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    Donate Life Month encourages organ, tissue, eye donation

    As her 40-year-old son, Aaron, lay in the intensive care unit following a car crash, Debbie Martin had one very tough decision, and one easy one. “When the doctor said, ‘He’ll never be the son you knew,’ I knew it was time to let him go,” she said.

    The pain in that decision was almost unspeakable. But Martin’s next decision brought her great comfort. She donated Aaron’s corneas. “I didn’t hesitate,” she said. “I didn’t even know he had signed his license, but he had. It helped me to know he helped

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    Hartzler on EPA propaganda

    Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) issued the following statement in light of the Environmental Protection Agency’s misuse of taxpayer funds to support an advocacy campaign aimed at discrediting our nation’s farmers, ranchers and livestock producers:

    “This is evidence of the EPA’s continued attacks on our nation’s agriculture industry. This is seemingly a blatant violation of the law by an agency actively trying to paint our farmers and producers in a negative light to advance its own regulatory

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    Supporting Public Safety Officers and the Military

    Every day, brave men and women put on public safety uniforms and risk their lives to protect, save and serve us. Some of these men and women lose their lives or are disabled in the call of duty. For their families, the state has created a college tuition grant to attend a college or university. This program is a way to pay our respects to the families who have lost a loved one that served our communities and state.

    House Bill 1964

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