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Hartzler Visits In District

Posted October 23, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Good Day,

This has been another in-district work week, and I want to take the opportunity to share some of the things I have been doing and the people and places I have visited.

I recently visited one of our district’s leading manufacturers of custom products used by the trucking industry. The ROM Corporation in Belton is a leader in the food distribution, fire service and building security industries, specializing in engineering, manufacturing and distributing of custom products such as safety walkramps, LinksGuard security closures, roll-up doors, cargo trays and LED lighting.

It is truly a pleasure to tour the manufacturing plants in our

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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    of starting a new business

    Starting a business can be an exciting time but it is also filled with potential risks and pitfalls according to Chrystal Irons, business development specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

    “Your job as a potential entrepreneur is to minimize your risks by researching and planning all aspects of your new business. One of the top reasons small businesses fail is lack of planning,” said Irons.

    Conducting an honest self-assessment is the first step to deciding whether or not to start a

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    Could church involvement improve kids grades?

    By: Rusty Wright

    Could church participation improve children’s grades in school? Recent studies suggest it might play a part.

    Glenn Elder, Jr., of the University of North Carolina and Mark Regnerus of Calvin College have shown that in low-income areas, attending church strengthens educational progress.

    Christianity Today reports the findings of this and several other studies associating positive outcomes with church involvement. The Regnerus and Elder study, commissioned by the Center for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society (CRRUCS), analyzed data from nearly

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    Timing is everything

    by Rebecca French Smith

    Every good home canner knows timing is important at several stages in preserving food. There are set cook times, water bath times and pressure cooking times that must be adhered to if you hope to be eating that food several months from now.

    Sunday afternoon I spent seven hours at a friend’s house putting up salsa and tomatoes. That’s only a couple of items for my winter pantry. Putting up food is hard work, which makes me thankful for the farmers who are harvesting,

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    Lack of sleep can affect work, school

    Sleep deprivation is common among both children and adults according to Renette Wardlow, a human development specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

    “Recent studies by the U.S. Department of Labor indicate that the vast majority of Americans are not getting enough sleep to maintain optimal health and peak performance,” said Wardlow.

    The study shows that missing as little as 1.5 hours of sleep in one night can reduce a person’s job performance by 32 percent the next day. Sleep deprivation can cause these problems; a reduction in performance,

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    Savvy Senior®

    Dear Savvy Senior,

    What resources can you recommend for researching hospitals? I need to get a knee replacement next year, and want to find a good, safe hospital to have it done in.

    Shopping Around

    Dear Shopping,

    Most people don’t give much thought when it comes to choosing a hospital, but selecting the right one can be as important as the doctor you choose. Here are some tips and resources to help you research and check up on your

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    Medicare VS Medicare Advantage: What’s the difference?

    Faith Trussell, RN, BSN

    Most people find choosing a Medicare insurance plan to be overwhelming. Has wading through the 100-page Medicare booklet been confusing for you? This article is intended to help clarify the differences between available plans, and simplify insurance terminology.

    First, let’s briefly review the basic components of Medicare.

    Part A – Hospital Benefit: Covers inpatient hospital stays, post-hospital skilled nursing stays, some home health visits, and hospice care. Most

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    Most people underestimate their family’s need for life insurance

    If you have children and grandchildren, you have no doubt made it your goal to provide guidance, pass on your personal knowledge and build a foundation that ensures their comfort and security. You probably started by teaching your children early on how they could save money, shop wisely and make sound financial decisions. You won’t always be around to offer new lessons, but there is a way you can ensure that your family will be protected.

    Most people think of life insurance as a short-term expense that will ultimately provide some security

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    Number of ISIL fighters is ever-increasing

    Good Day,

    This was a very busy in-district work week as I addressed issues of concern with citizens in various parts of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District.

    An event that generated a lot of attention was a presentation in Sedalia on the threat posed by ISIL terrorists. As was the case with a similar presentation last month in Harrisonville, the Sedalia event was well attended

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    Pumpkins provide plethora of possibilities

    October’s most famous squash is also its most versatile according to Dr. Pam Duitsman, a nutrition and health education specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

    “Whether you are using this fruit disguised as a vegetable to decorate for fall or preparing it for consumption, the possible uses of pumpkin are endless,” said Duitsman.

    Pumpkins lend themselves to a variety of cooking methods. It is possible to serve pumpkins as a side dish, soup, cake, muffin, bread, custard and even pie. Pumpkin can also be substituted for winter squash

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