Eight additional MO counties to receive disaster assistance

Posted September 3, 2015 at 10:56 am

Gov. Jay Nixon announced eight more Missouri counties will receive disaster assistance after the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved his request to expand the federal major disaster declaration for flash flooding and severe storms that was declared on Aug. 7. Local governments and nonprofit agencies in Camden, Jackson, New Madrid, Nodaway, Oregon, Pemiscot, Phelps and St. Clair counties can seek federal assistance in response and recovery expenses associated with the flooding and severe weather.

“The prolonged weather system that brought multiple rounds of flash flooding and severe storms to Missouri caused significant damage to roads, bridges and other public infrastructure across much of the state,” Gov. Nixon said. “The addition of these eight counties means they will also get critical funding to help rebuild and repair the extensive damage to public infrastructure.”

The expanded declaration means the Aug.

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    Strengthen local nonprofits

    Community Development specialists with University of Missouri Extension are available to provide education, coaching, and training for non-profits.

    “Non-profits are often are the backbone of civic life in our communities,” said Kathy Macomber, a community development specialist with MU Extension. “Many small community groups and organizations are doing great work all over the state of Missouri.”

    These community non-profits include neighborhood organizations, community groups, faith-based organizations, charities and associations. MU Extension Community Development specialists can provide research based knowledge and innovation through board training, guidance in forming a

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    Vicky Hartzler 1 cc 6-2015.tif

    Vicky Hartzler news letter

    Dear friend,

    A major theme this week was Executive overregulation. As I travel around our district, I continue to hear about how the EPA’s rules are leading to job loss and plant closures, or how the Obama Administration is making it more and more difficult to hire and grow.

    I met with Barton County officials in Lamar this week to discuss issues facing

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    ‘Injunction a win for rural America’

    Congresswoman Hartzler released the following statement in response to a federal judge’s issuing a preliminary injunction preventing the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Water Rule – more commonly called WOTUS (Waters of the United States) – from going into effect:

    “I am pleased Judge Erickson saw this rule for what it is – an unconstitutional, unprecedented land grab by the federal government. It is comforting to know the courts have stopped this executive branch overreach at least for now that could have given the federal government control of over 99 percent of

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    Plan meals for families on the go

    Save money, time and stress by planning meals this school year, says University of Missouri Extension health and nutrition specialist Melissa Bess.

    Fall brings football games, 4-H meetings, dance classes, cheerleading, harvest and much more. Families sometimes struggle with how to avoid concession stands and fast food.

    Bess will give tips on how busy families can eat on the go at an MU Extension agriculture business conference for women, Sept. 11 and 12 at Windermere Conference Center at the Lake of the Ozarks.


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    Savvy Senior®

    How to reduce your medication costs

    Dear Savvy Senior

    Can you recommend any tips to help me save on my medication costs? I currently take five different prescription medications that are very expensive even with insurance.

    Searching Susan

    Dear Susan,

    There are actually a variety ways you can reduce your out-of-pocket medication expenses without sacrificing quality. Here are a few strategies that can help, whether you are covered by employer-based health insurance, a health

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    Create your own personal pension? It’s possible

    Retirement planning has certainly changed a lot over the years, hasn’t it? First came pensions, or defined benefit plans, with their guaranteed income for life. After that it was 401(k)s. These plans focused on growing wealth from the stock and bond markets. Your pension and 401(k) were meant to work together but now pensions are disappearing and many people are left with just their 401(k) plan.

    Your 401(k) is an important piece of your retirement savings but it was never intended to be your sole retirement solution. Instead, your 401(k) was meant

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    Four ways wireless technology is transforming health care

    You can video chat with family while riding the bus, order a whole new wardrobe while sitting in a coffee shop and file an important business report before getting on an airplane – how amazing is wireless technology? It has changed people’s everyday lives in many ways, and it’s transforming how they care for their health, too.

    From hearing implants with Bluetooth-enabled wireless accessories that let you stream a call directly from your smartphone, to pacemakers that upload data about your heart to your doctor’s computer, wireless technology is giving patients and

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    Recognizing the first steps to ward off a second seizure

    Millions of Americans experience a first seizure every year, and one in 10 people worldwide will experience a first seizure in their lifetime. Experiencing a seizure can be frightening, and the victim may feel confused or lose the ability to communicate. There is also the potential for physical damage and injury due to muscle spasms or falls, and in rare cases death can occur.

    To avoid experiencing a second seizure and its negative effects, proper treatment of the first seizure remains essential. To this end, the American Academy of Neurology and the

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    Vicky Hartzler 1 cc 6-2015.tif

    Waters of the United States – Big Government’s largest land grab yet

    by Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

    Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District

    Anyone who has been following the EPA’s proposed Waters of the United States rule is well aware of its desire to expand the Clean Water Act’s (CWA) jurisdiction over “navigable waters” by extending that classification to small ditches and even rainfall-created puddles. Now that the final version of the Waters of the U.S. rule is

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