A Spiritual Battle

Posted October 11, 2012 at 2:03 pm

In Daniel 10, we read that the prophet was mourning for three weeks. Daniel spent this time fasting and praying. Then, after the three-week period had ended, Daniel had a vision in which an angel came to him.

In verses 10 through 12, we learn four important things. First, Daniel was addressed as a man who was greatly loved by God. Second, the angel had come to give Daniel understanding. Third, from the very moment Daniel had humbled himself before God, God had heard his prayers. Fourth, the angel had been sent to give God’s answer to the prophet.

In the following verses, we are given a tantalizing glimpse into the spiritual world in which angels and demons are fighting battles on our behalf. It is tempting to spend much time imagining what happens in the spiritual realms. Yet most important is that fact that God loves us, has a plan for our lives, hears our prayers and is working his will out for us.

Do you feel alone in your fight against sin? Are you struggling with some great burden of prayer? Is your faith being tested as you continue to wait for God’s answer? Don’t give up now! God loves you, he has heard your prayer, and will work out his perfect will in your life if you will humble yourself before him and trust him fully.

Are you willing to persist in prayer till God’s answer comes?