Facts vs myths on Romney

Posted October 11, 2012 at 2:31 pm


You have a right to know the difference between myths and facts about Mitt Romney’s plan for the country when you vote Nov. 6.

Myth: They say Romney wants to cut taxes for the rich and put huge tax burdens on the middle class.

Fact: Romney wants to cut taxes for everyone who pays taxes. He will do away with most loopholes. He will eliminate unnecessary programs and regulations. U.S. businesses will bring more jobs home because of lower taxes.

Myth: They say Romney doesn’t care about 47 percent of our people because they are on welfare and won’t vote for him.

Fact: Romney cares about everyone. He wants to keep the economy growing to keep social security, Medicare and food stamps for those who need them. He and his wife gave $50,000,000 to charity in the last few years.

Mitt Romney wants to use his business experience to save our county from financial and military ruin. He has our best interest at heart. Please vote for Mitt Romney.

Carolyn West

El Dorado Springs