Ambulance Board renews contract with CMH

Posted October 18, 2012 at 12:33 pm

On a 4 – 1 vote, the Cedar County Ambulance Board renewed their contract with Citizens Memorial Hospital as the ambulance provider for the county for one. The original contract, signed in 2010, included a 3% increase for each year CMH is retained.

Don Fugate, Sue Rice, John Wilson and Robert Matney were present with Leroy Sousley presiding. District Accountant Kalena Kenny-Bruce was also present.

Wilson was the only board member to vote against retaining CMH as the ambulance provider. When asked after the meeting why he voted in the negative he said he didn’t like some of the provisions in the contract.

In the public forum, Johnny Walker, Cedar County Memorial Hospital board member, asked about the fuel tank that the district uses that is located on the north side of the hospital’s parking lot. The hospital’s insurance carrier wants the tank moved. The hospital wrote a letter to the ambulance board ninety days ago requesting that it be moved. In the ensuing time, the tank had been refilled. Sousley said that the tank would be drained and removed. The tank doesn’t belong to the ambulance district. It supposedly belongs to Janet Green.

The board voted to use the credit cards that are already in the ambulance and raise the total credit limit to $7,500. The cards can only be used for fuel purchases. The board voted 5-0 to retain Frank Foster as the board’s legal service for the amount of $2,000 per year. The contract renews automatically unless cancelled by either party.

The board approved an amended contract with Kenny-Bruce to include charging the district for envelopes and postage and $50 an hour for phone calls from board members that are non listed in her contract or considered ordinary bookkeeper duties.

Rice wanted to go over the recommendations of the Attorney General, dated September 17, regarding the Sunshine Law and several situations that had come before the board. The board chose not to address it because, according to Sousley, the Attorney General had closed the file.

Rice also presented the budget that she and Fugate had worked on. The board voted to have a budget work session at 10 a.m. in the ambulance barn in El Dorado Springs Saturday, Oct. 20.

Rice wanted to go over the district’s auditor’s recommendations, which the rest of the board didn’t choose address. Sousley said that the auditor mentioned that the recommendations could be put in place but were not set in stone.

EMS Manager for Cedar County Chris Louderhouse gave the monthly report. He said there were 166 runs 65 in Stockton and 101 in El Dorado. The total miles for September were 9,834.

Sousley repeated a story he’d heard about the CMH ambulance crew helping to stabilize the severely broken ankle of a young man that had arrived at the Cedar County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. He said that the doctors at the hospital said they couldn’t set the ankle. They had called the air ambulance, but the weather was too bad. When the CMH crew arrived, they were able to set the ankle and stabilize the patent and transport him to Cox in Springfield.