Call your representative

Posted October 18, 2012 at 2:49 pm


How is the election Nov. 6 going to affect you and your family? In the past, our country prospered because of cheap energy and entrepreneurial spirit. How will Barack Obama and Mitt Romney act on these ideas? Also, will they keep your family safe?

Barack Obama has definite ideas about energy issues. Our electricity mostly runs on cheap energy-coal. He wants to kill coal production. The electric companies are facing horrendous regulations to use coal. The costs will go up.

The president said, “The cost of electricity will necessarily skyrocket.”

He favors solar and wind energy, but our nation cannot run on them, they only provide about 1 percent of our energy needs now. We can’t afford to abandon coal before other reasonable sources of energy are in place.

The president has allowed no oil exploration offshore or on public lands. He nixed the Keystone Pipeline. We continue to import expensive oil from nations that hate us. Experts say we sit on a goldmine of oil sources in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore locations. We even have oil in Kansas.

Mitt Romney also has definite ideas on making us energy independent in the next few years. He is in favor of clean coal. He is in favor of drilling for oil.

The candidates have differing opinions on entrepreneurial spirit. Obama wants bigger government, bigger unions, less individual importance, (“You didn’t build that.”) and a redistribution of wealth. Mitt Romney has been successful in business and he did earn it. He knows how to put people to work. He intends to create many new jobs and broaden our base of taxpayers. He surrounds himself with effective people to further his success. Barack Obama’s choice of people like, Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, who hadn’t filed his taxes, an energy czar who said his goal was $8-$10 a gallon of gasoline, and Ben Bernake as head of the Federal Reserve who has $40 billion printed monthly ruining, he value of the dollar.

Will these candidates keep your family safe? There’s talk of taking our guns away. Hilary Clinton has drafted a resolution for the UN making it a crime to slander Islam. Before sent to the UN, it has to go through our senate. If that passes, we could be warned of what evil Muslim Brotherhood is plotting. If you can't call evil by name or warn what it is doing, how can you fight it? They want to wipe Israel and us from the earth.

The question is, does President Obama want to fight it?

Mitt Romney supports Israel, our right to bear arms and keeping our military strong. These are difficult times, but it seems to me President Obama has made many choices that have weakened us economically and militarily.

If you want to tell your senator or representative how you want them to vote, call the White House free at 1-866-338-1015. I called the senator’s office and told her to vote no on the Islam issue. If enough of us call, it will make a difference.

Carolyn West