Posted October 25, 2012 at 10:17 am

Greenhands inducted 4 cc .tif

Green Hand Degree recipients are: Cody Dawson, Jacob Holder, Shelby Ray, Kaylen Bardwell, Dylan Ford, Kylie Moeller, Jacob White, Just Murphy, Jared Sutton, Turner Fugate, Kanen Hutchinson, Allison Clark, Landon Leonard, Leigha Tompkins, Kale Adams, Cody McNeece, Bentley Allison, MaKayla Keith, Cody Werkmeister, Katrice Decker, Dale Hamby, Abigail Metcalf, Kylle Smith, Breanna Uptegrove, Melinda Gish, Ethan Morgan and Rylee Schuchman. Photo submitted by FFA Historiesn Makenzie Schwalm and Jaynee Beaty