Posted October 25, 2012 at 12:03 pm

EHS Senior thank Summerfresh 4cc .tif

The El Dorado Springs Senior Class has received a very generous donation from Summer Fresh Supermarkets. Summer Fresh has pledged 300 cards shopper saver cards to the Class of 2013.

The shopper saver card entitles Summer Fresh shoppers to a $5 savings on their $50 purchase each month from October to August… a savings of $55 throughout the year. Shop at Summer Fresh each week? Buying four cards could save you over $200 during the year.

Each shopper saver card can be purchased from an EHS Senior for only $10.

As part of their on-going support of our local schools, Summer Fresh is not only donating the sales of the saver cards to the Senior Class, but if all 200 cards are used during the entire time frame, Summer Fresh will have invested more than $16,000 to support this group of students.

The seniors and their sponsors would like to say a very big thank you to Summer Fresh Supermarkets for their support and for giving the students this opportunity. On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Summer Fresh Manager Jeff Copeland (front right) got an in-person thank you from the 2013 EHS Senior Class.