Change is on its way

Posted October 25, 2012 at 12:08 pm


Praise the Lord! I was ‘kinda’ depressed last week, and then I read the letters to the Editor and saw that things are looking up in Castro Valley CA. ‘4.5 million new jobs within the past 24 months, homes are selling and being built.’ WOW! With things so good there, sooner or later it will trickle over the Costal Range and help us that live in the Inland Valley and San Joaquin Valley.

A friend that works for the Welfare Department in the San Joaquin Valley tells me that unemployment is 40 percent in Huron, CA. While it is not that bad here in the Inland Valley it is still terribly high, I heard recently it is 14%. One reason that statistics show it much lower is due to the fact that many have drawn all their unemployment benefits and used the extension and still have no job. One can drive through most any town and see many stores and shops out of business.

Yes, Mr. O inherited a bad economy, but after four years, it is worse for many people. BUT as he said, “Change is on its way!”

I can only hope so and with things so good in Castro Valley, it is bound to improve in the other 99% of our state and the other 49 states!


Fawn E. Witten

Chino Hills, CA