The Rock Wall

Posted November 1, 2012 at 9:38 am

Fall back.

Wanda reminded me Tuesday. I had it on my list because Kimball had told me. You know I didn’t remember it on my own.

So, according to the cheat sheet Josh gave me, sunrise will be at 7:44 on Saturday morning and 6:45 on Sunday morning. That’s without the sun standing still for a day or going down 10 degrees in the sundial.

You can either reset your clocks before you go to bed Saturday night or get up at 2 a.m. to make the change or get to church an hour early Sunday morning. Those are my options. You may come up with others.

– Adrian and Davis plan to come home this week. It looks like Thursday evening. Actually, I was just on the phone with Adrian and I think the children may be fighting. She wants to leave early Thursday. She was unpleasantly surprised that Davis told me he has to work an hour on Thursday. I suggested that maybe he could do that job on Wednesday, but they will figure it out.

They are coming home specifically to vote. I imagine they will have a little time left over to eat Momma’s cookin’. I think Davis has to go back Monday. Or is it Adrian?

– The football game at Ash Grove Thursday night was c-o-l-d. I took more clothes than I needed so I stayed relatively comfortable. The outcome could have been better, but that is why they play games, isn’t it?

– The drive to Clever for the volleyball play-offs was pleasant Saturday, since we went early to eat in Springfield and shop a little. I didn’t buy anything, but Kimball purchased two left shoes, one of them quite a bit smaller than the other. She’ll likely check the contents of the box when she takes makes the trade.

I told her there was a TV cowboy who had some like that. His last name was Cassidy.

One positive thing about the outcome of the game with Mr. Grove is that we don’t have to drive to Cape Girardeau this weekend, but as Brad North told me as Kimball and I left the gym, “I’d have done it.”

– It’s our 37th anniversary Halloween night about 7:30. Hope that’s not a conflict of interest.