TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Posted November 8, 2012 at 11:12 am

TOPS Chapter 0319 met in the Church Of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Nov. 1, with 27 members weighing in.

Leader Robbie opened the meeting. Kay led us in singing “Write It Down”. We said our TOPS and KOPS pledges.

Robbie led us in roll call. There were some that had good losses this week. Lynda lost 1.4, Warren and Rhea each lost .4 lbs. Our best loser for the week was Tammy with a loss of 2.4 lbs.

The chapter sang Happy Birthday to Jan T.

Marguerite is celebrating 11 years as a KOPS this month. This means she has stayed within leeway of her goal weight for 11 years, which is quite an accomplishment.

Linda H. presented the monthly awards today.

Those with perfect attendance for October were Sue, Dorothy, Freda, Warren, Nikki, Kay, Melanie, Lois, Rhea, Jan T and Verna. Winner of the free dues was Melanie.

Six members accomplished our Back in Black challenge in October. They were Jan T, Denise, Nancy, Juda, Kay, Felicia, Lois, Dorothy, and Irene.

Irene had a Back in Black month, got close to a new decade, reached her lowest weight, got close to her 5 lb. loss and lost 3.2 lbs. Irene is our best loser for the month but didn’t lose 5 lbs. so didn’t win the money. Our pot is building.

Awards presented were,

Kay had a back in black month with perfect attendance and received a certificate.

Jan T. had a back in black month with perfect attendance and received a certificate.

Lois earned her back in black with perfect attendance but was not present to receive certificate.

Dorothy had a back in black month with perfect attendance and on 10/25/12 earned her 20 # charm and certificate but was not present to receive today.

KOPS in Leeway: Marie with perfect attendance; Bob with perfect attendance; Marilyn with perfect attendance; Marguerite with perfect attendance and below goal; Paul with perfect attendance; Sharon; Jean; Nellie and below goal; Annie and below goal; Doris III; Carol and with perfect attendance and Laddie

KOPS Awards: Sharon received her four-year KOPS charm and certificate. Carol received her six-year KOPS certificate. Thank you, Linda, for doing the awards.

Meeting was adjourned and TOPS members met on South Hwy. 32 to pick up trash along road right-of-way.

For more information, call Linda at 417/876-6467 or Juda at 876-4888. Or TOPS toll free number 1-800/932-8677 or you can find us on the web at Come and join us.