Meeting friends is always wonderful

Posted November 8, 2012 at 11:44 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Danny Hogan visited with Tex McKinley Saturday afternoon. Danny is so busy I don’t know how he gets everything done.

Marilyn Entrikin had a neighbor that has a pecan tree that is just loaded with tiny pecans. That is our pecan story of green hulls that haven’t come loose yet.

Marilyn Entrikin visited a couple of old neighbors this week. Fran H. at Joe Clark’s and Mary Leer at Moore-Few. They are both glad they have a nice warm home as they watch winter approach.

I was picking up Tex McKinley and my lunch at Del-Ways when I saw Pat Vaaca and Shirley Zehr enjoying their lunch.

Marilyn Entrikin went to Joplin with a friend on Thursday. Did some shopping and ate at IHOP. Yum.