Posted November 8, 2012 at 12:27 pm

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The Preserve Our Past Society (POPS) honored their volunteers at a dinner held in the Wayside Inn Museum Dinning Room on Oct. 22. Volunteers help keep the museum open by donating their time to various activities but primarily making sure the front door is open for guests interested in exploring the history of El Dorado Springs. This year’s volunteers include: Marcia Abbott, Dean and Myrna Parks, Joan Shepard, Evelyn Boyle, Tim and Peggy Carter, Allene Julian, Cindy Graves, Kay Sewell and D’Ette Eaves.

Another recent activity at the museum was the Candle Light Tour and Ghost Stories on Halloween night. Over 30 people experienced the old museum illuminated by an eerily soft glow and were thrilled and chilled by ghost stories told on the allegedly haunted third floor. The Candle Light Tour was considered a success and will be back next year by popular demand.