Walker community Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 17

Posted November 8, 2012 at 12:46 pm

by Neoma Foreman

John and Patty Hallam attended Grandparents Day activities in Kansas City for Isaiah, Elijah and Gabriel Hallam. They enjoyed visiting in the boys’ classrooms and hearing the students make presentations. They visited with Kevin and Jennifer Hallam and family. Danielle Hallam accompanied them home for the weekend to celebrate reaching her goal of reading 100 books. They returned Danielle to Kansas City on Monday.

Friday, Betty and Norman Radde went to an auction in Liberal and went to Chicken Mary’s with T.D. and Patsy Yount.

Gilbert and Eleanor Willson attended an Archie Junior-high basketball game at Lakeland and watched granddaughters, Kelsie and Emily, play.

A Walker Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held Nov. 17 at the community building with serving from 11:30 to 1:30. Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to bring food. Come and enjoy being with friends from your community.

Dennis and Judi Willman have returned from a trip to New Orleans and to Florida where they visited Dennis’ sister and went to the Epicot Center, Busch Gardens, Daytona Beach and the Kennedy Space Center.

Chuck and Linda Gundy visited Norma Gundy in El Dorado Springs Sunday afternoon.

A successful community revival was held at the Schell City Baptist Church this past week with speakers from the different churches in the area. It was good to be with other Christians and not have the denominational tag. Makes me think that is what heaven will be like.

Eleanor Willson took Kelsie Willson shopping in Kansas City Sunday.

Tuesday evening Chas Hutchison and children, Colin, Cale, Addie and Bryson, visited Bob and Jane Hutchison. The younger children wore their Halloween costumes. Wednesday evening Eric and Aubrey Good brought 1-month-old, Emrys, who was dressed like a banana.

Christine and Corey Graham had lunch with Charles and me Sunday.

Joan Redburn took Elnora Wallace out to eat and after lunch they visited Millie Jacobs.

Gilbert and Eleanor Willson and Barbara and Robert Cubbage attended the show in Ft. Scott Sunday afternoon.

Dawn and David White, Sue Prough and Danielle McWilliams visited their grandmother, Elnora Wallace, this week.

Lois Herbst took Bob and Jane Hutchison to the home of Rozella Gammon in Harwood Saturday afternoon where they visited their cousin, Ron Hawkins, and friend, Val Lane, from Willard. Debbie and Denny Wallace visited Bob and Jane Sunday afternoon.

Bob and Phyllis Garrison of Bolivar and Shawn Garrison of Independence visited Charles and me Sunday afternoon and Fred Haynes.

Gilbert and Eleanor Willson attended the 30th Annual Meeting at Treasure Lakes in Branson.

The NEVC Junior High Basketball Tournament will be at Hume Nov. 6-10.

The first NEVC varsity basketball game will be Nov. 27 against Weaubleau at Walker at 5:30. Nov. 29 at Ballard at 6 p.m.

For rental of the Walker Community Building, contact Walker City Hall 417-465-2230. Sylvia Keith is the receptionist.

If anyone in the Walker area has news they wish to share with the community, please call me at 465-2389.