26 years of Parents As Teachers

Posted November 8, 2012 at 3:23 pm

November marks the anniversary of the Parents as Teachers Program. For 26 years Parents as Teachers has supported parents of infants and preschoolers by providing information about brain development and how to play with their child to insure he or she will reach his or her highest potential.

Children learn the most from the people they love the most. This makes parents the most important teachers in their child’s life. It also makes parenting the most important job any of us will ever do.

Research shows a baby’s brain at birth is 25% the size of an adult’s. By the time he or she is three years old his or her brain has grown to 80% the size of an adult’s. The rest of brain development is not complete until 30 if not 40 years of age. This makes the first three years of life the foundation for all learning.

This tremendous brain development in these formative years is not due to new brain cells or neurons being formed (a child is born with many more brain cells than he will ever use). The rapid development is a result of the connections that form between the neurons. There are connections or pathways for everything, for learning about numbers, learning letter sounds, even for every emotion. The more a pathway is used the faster and thicker it will grow. For example a child that is treated with kindness and patience will grow up to be kind and patient. A child who is treated with frustration and aggression will become frustrated and aggressive. It is truly the stimulation, the experiences a child receives during early childhood that determines how and what he or she will be able to learn later.

If you are expecting a new child or already have children that are preschool age, please give the Parents as Teachers Program a call at 417/876-4177. We are here to support you in giving your child the best start possible.

Parenting: The most important job we will ever do