R-II School Board meets

Posted November 15, 2012 at 9:43 am

At the R-II School Board’s Thursday, Nov. 8, regular meeting, after they had approved the consent agenda which included minutes and bill payment ($495,157.34), Jennifer Ring, CTA president, presented her Teacher Feature to the board, She said that Barb Walsh helped her STAR/PEP students conduct a mock election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The other 2 teachers Ms. Ring featured were Leslie Wetter and Carrie Neuroth. To quickly get their students ready for walking down the hallway, they use the word HALL. This stands for “Hands to your sides, All eyes forward, Lips zipped and Low speed”. When a student is not doing one of these, all the teachers have to say is the letter to remind the student of what they need to fix.

Board members present were Jay Farris, Scot Cluck, Allen Hoover, Kevin Fast, Greg Beydler and Darrell Eason – presiding. Board Member Benny Brower was absent.

The board approved filing for election to the seats held by Jay Farris and Greg Beydler to open Dec. 11 and close Jan. 15.

The board gave its approval for 10 students to graduate early at semester break.

Supt. Mark Koca gave the summer school report on assessment results, hours of attendance, parent survey, staff survey and incentives earned. On the opening day, there were 656 student enrolled but it dropped to 581 on the last day, which he said is normal. Edison paid out $34,825 in attendance bonuses. Supt. Koca said the school made $97,596 on summer school.

The board decided to ask Supt. Koca to prepare two RFPs (request for proposals) for student transportation which the board will review at the December meeting and send out for approval at the March meeting.

Board Member Cluck wanted to put out two requests – one for buses no older than five years and one for a maximum bus age of seven years. The RFPs will also ask for options on air conditioned buses and GPS units. A representative for Durham School Services, the current transportation contractor, was present and said that they consider a bus serviceable for 12 years, so any bus taken away from El Dorado Springs would go to another school.

Supt. Koca said the track has been striped and is under budget.