ElDo students conduct mock election

Posted November 15, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Last Tuesday, Nov. 6, was Election Day in the El Dorado Springs School To prepare for the election the STAR/PEP students in grades 1-8 created their own political party and platform as if they were running for US President. They were not allowed to be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc. They created posters and advertisements using the software programs Tagxedo and Wordle.

Afterwards the students in 1st-8th grade designed voting booths for the Mock Election which was held last Tuesday. The students in Middle School created a ballot or form which looked like the real election ballots except their ballot was created in a Google Doc so the students could vote on a computer. We had a total of 880 voters in K-8 who voted for the US President. The 5th-8th grade STAR students ran the polls, registered the voters with their student ID #, and passed out “I Voted” Stickers. (60% of the votes went to Romney, 30% to Obama and 10% to other write in candidates.)

It was a great experience for the students, as they now know the importance of one vote and the understand the concept of the electoral votes, and know what “No Electioneering within 25 feet” means.

Kindergartners voting 2cc .tif

KINDERGARTNERS VOTING – Kindergartners sign in so they can vote in the election.

First time to vote 2 cc .tif

FIRST TIME TO VOTE – Noah Steward smiles as he votes in his first Presidential Election. Noah says his parents discussed the candidates at home and then told him he could vote for whoever he wanted. Noah says the best part about voting was being able to vote on a computer and get the “I Voted” sticker.