Council makes plans for Christmas

Posted November 15, 2012 at 1:39 pm

The El Dorado Springs City Council, on Monday, Nov. 5, approved the request from the Chamber of Commerce to grant discounts on the utility bills for the Christmas Light winners, something that has been done for a umber of years. The chamber requested that the winner from each of the four sections of town be granted a $50 credit on their utility bill and that the grand prize winner get a $100 discount. The council approved the proposal. On Tuesday, City Manager Bruce Rogers informed the council that the discounts should have been $25 and $50. The council agreed to adjust the amount.

All councilmen were present: Jerry Friar, Gene Floyd, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin. Mayor Brad True was present along with Rogers and City Clerk Lisa Allison.

The council approved the Chamber’s request for use of the Park for the Christmas Lighting ceremony on Monday, Nov. 19. Rogers mentioned that the Building and Grounds crew and the Utility Department will get the lights up and ready. The Chamber asked that street be blocked off for the Christmas Parade which starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 8.

Rogers commented on an application from Robert and Joyce Harrington requesting a change from R-1 low density residential to R-2 medium-density residential for property located at 329 W. Lafayette. The Harringtons proposed to build two duplexes on 2 1⁄2 lots. The planning commission had heard the request and comments from several of the surrounding neighbors. They recommended not approving the request. Rogers stated that a petition was signed in opposition to the re-zoning by all nine parties that received the notice of the hearing. The council voted to affirm the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

During the city manger’s report, Rogers stated that Aaron Smith, Building Code Official, has been elected 1st Vice President of the Missouri Association of Code Administrators.

Rogers also said that the Safe Routes to School grant was submitted on Monday.

Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck told the council that one of his officers has completed certification training to clean up clandestine labs. He said he was working with the DOD (Department of Defense) to receive, free of charge, a four passenger HumVee with a pickup bed to be used for clean up and disposal of clandestine labs. The vehicle could be used for patrol during the winter, or manhunts, etc. Schiereck said that the city would be responsible for maintenance and insurance. He said that it is the same government program that was used for the rifles and computers. He said the city is on the waiting list for a HumVee and he believes the city will receive one. He said that the DOD could request the HumVee back but after so many years it will be the City’s. He stated that the vehicle had to be used for law enforcement only.

The police chief mentioned that there had been a hang up on receiving the rifles but he has been informed they should be coming in the next three or four weeks.

Schiereck told the council he had hired a part time dispatcher, Jim Parker, who will start working on Nov. 19.

The council voted to go into executive session. There was no report from that session.

Tuesday, Rogers told the Sun tht the fall leaf pick up schedule will be: Nov 12 – 16, Nov. 26 – 30 and Dec. 10 – 14.