The Rock Wall

Posted November 19, 2012 at 11:07 am

You speak, we listen and do something about it if we can. The other day a High School buddy of mine asked about the price we charged to run sale bills. Actually, he asked why they were so high.

The answer was the amount of space they take, but I started thinking about how to make them cheaper, like $20 in the paper and $10 on our web site.

You can look on the front page of the Sun Super Shopper or go to for our solution, but to make a long story short, we will go back to the way John and Walt Smith did it for all those years – just print the words and not the photos. We have something that they didn’t – the internet. We will include the auctioneers’ web addresses so you can go to their sites to see the photos. Everybody wins.

-Becky Wood has rejoined our staff to put her great creativity to work for you.

-It’s almost turkey time. Next week. The kids don’t think they are coming home for Thanksgiving, but they plan to be here for Christmas. Kimball just asked me if I wanted to go out to a buffet. I’m not real bright, you know, but I’m smart enough to take Momma out if she even just thinks she might not want to cook and clean up.

– Kimball is enjoying the Cooking Wild in Missouri cookbook Lana Wilson suggested I get her for our 37th anniversary. She first enjoyed the photos, now she’s getting into the recipes. The first one I want her to try is remaki – the wonderful dish Lana always made for the Very Prairie Christmas events at the Wah-Kon-Ta club house. Lana made it with duck breasts her husband, Lowell, had shot, water chestnuts and bacon marinated in soy sauce and impaled on a toothpick then baked to perfection. Since I don’t like to get cold and wet, I don’t duck hunt. But almost any other meat, except maybe fish, will do.

Delta is ready when you are.