Ambulance Dist. ahead $90,775 over last year

Posted November 22, 2012 at 10:10 am

With sales tax revenues declining, the good news from the Cedar County Ambulance District financial report by Kalena Kenney at the Monday, Nov. 19, meeting was that the district’s total assets are $90,775.39 ahead of the same time a year ago. The difference is that Citizens Memorial Hospital, which has provided the ambulance service under contract with the Cedar County Ambulant District since Jan. 1, 2012, pays many of the expenses which are less than $1,500 per occurrence.

All ambulance board members were present: Robert Matney, John Wilson, Don Fugate, Sue Rice and Leroy Sousley – presiding.

On a motion by Rice, second by Fugate, to approve the 4 1⁄2 pages of minutes of the Oct. 15 meeting, the vote was: yes – Rice, Fugate and Sousley; no – Matney; abstain – Wilson who said he did not receive the mailed minutes. Matney said, “Too much.”

Fugate said, “Thank you, Bob, for that comment. Do we want all that trash in there?”

Matney said, “No.”

Sousley said, “Just the motions and votes.”

Fugate said, “That will be a lot easier.”

The board took up the appointment of someone to fill the vacant District 6 seat (southwest Cedar County).

Brian Burge and Wes Spinks had submitted letters. The board elected Spinks to the position.

Kalena Kinney presented her financial report.

CMH Director of Ambulances Neal Taylor presented the district manager’s report in the absence of Chris Loderhose who had a family emergency.

After considerable discussion, the board approved the 2013 budget with projected net income of $458,200 with sales tax revenues of $408, 000 down from $480,000 in 2008. Total expenses are projected at $341,300 which leaves net income of $116,900. The budget allows $96,000 to remount an ambulance box on a new chassis leaving $20,900 net gain in the bank account.

The board discussed the CPA recommendations from the last audit, but did not take any action.

The Stockton Ambulance Barn expansion was on the budget but Matney, who is in charge of getting information said the man he contacted had said to get back with him after January.

The board discussed the possibility of adding an ambulance crew to make routine transfers so El Dorado Springs or Stockton is not left without an ambulance for emergencies.

Neal Taylor told the board, “What would you like? We need direction on time, days of the week, basic life support or advanced life support.”

Taylor is to get back to the board after he looks at statistics on days and times of day when most transfer calls occur.

The board took up consideration of a resoluton Rice had prepared to increase the board of directors to seven members by adding a new director at large elected county-wide. On a motion by Matney, second by Wilson, the board voted to postpone consideration until the December meeting.