Does anyone know this person?

Posted November 22, 2012 at 10:14 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Sunday Tex McKinley and Dora Jean went to Pizza Hut to get pizza and bread sticks. Before we left we had a pizza and two boxes of bread sticks. We couldn’t eat that much so we shared one box of bread sticks with Doug Wingate and E.J.

Roy Gene Claypool stopped by this week to visit with Tex McKinley. Long time no see.

Tommy, our tomcat had a wild ride Friday midmorning. After Tex McKinley and Dora Jean looked at the cattle and came back to the house, while I’m opening the gate, Tommy jumps in the back of the truck and rides through the gate with Tex. After I shut the gate, we go around the road to look at the other side of our ground. Tex and I always check the bed of the truck to be sure Tommy is out of the truck. We checked and he was out. So, off we go. After about a mile Tex sees a cat face in our back window. We stop suddenly, I jump out and try to hold on to him but I couldn’t. He jumped into Patty and Wayne Vaaca’s yard. Tex drives and I am running after a wild cat that is scared after a fast ride. He hides under a shed. We decide to let him calm down and come back later. We come back later and still can’t find a cat. So, home we go and wait and wait and wait. About 10 p.m. a big gray cat comes meowing at our window wanting in. So in he comes like nothing ever happened wanting something to eat. I don’t think he likes to ride at 15 mph

Marilyn Entirkin said that her church asked if she knows Ella Leer. The lady went to school with her at Metz. She doesn’t know her married name. She would be 60 or 70 years old. Would anyone know her?