The Rock Wall

Posted November 22, 2012 at 12:26 pm

I noticed a report in Publisher’s Auxiliary about a newspaper president in Illinois who arrived at work Sept. 13 to find a real hand grenade on his desk. He thought at first it might be one that had been turned into a cigarette lighter, but when he carefully ran his hand around the grenade, he realized the pin was still in it and that it was a military issue grenade.

Evacuate the building. Call the police. Call the Illinois Secretary of State Bomb Squad. Block streets. Lock down schools.

Since the office was at the top of a spiral staircase, forget the remote-controlled robot. And the bomb squad techs couldn’t climb the stairs suited up, so one went in “bare” and brought out the grenade.

During dismantling, four hours into the ordeal, a police spokesman said, they discovered the bottom of the grenade had been drilled out leaving it inert.

Next, the newspaper guy and his staff tried to figure out whom they had made angry enough to leave such a gift.

That afternoon, the culprit phoned the newspaper guy and asked if he liked the gift. The culprit was the owner of the janitorial service contracted to clean the newspaper office and knowing of the newpaper guy’s military service, thought he would like to have the grenade.

The man was totally embarrassed and said he won’t leave any more gifts.

– I just received a press release telling us to simply count our blessings – no need to buy more, do more, eat more. A clinical psychologist said, in the press release, that it is inevitable you will reduce your stress and find some peace.

Folks, did we need a press release to tell us that?

I noticed a long time ago that I’m less “up-tight” if I turn off the TV and stop listening to the talking heads.

Family matters. Friends matter. Pets matter.

I always enjoy getting together with family, friends or just acquaintances. I’ve told Kimball many times that going to some community event and rubbing shoulders with folks recharges my batteries.

Isn’t it peaceful listening to a cat purr as you stroke it as it lays on your lap or beside you soaking up winter sunshine streaming through a window?

Church is a peaceful place for me. I never feel like I should be somewhere else, doing something else, like I do even when I’m hunting or fishing.

So, the key to Thanksgiving may be finding things to be thankful for that you already have and just may have overlooked recently.

Hope you have a good one, your way.