TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Posted November 29, 2012 at 11:14 am

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TOPS MEMBERS HELP SANTA – TOPS members helped in the 9th annual Santa Room at NEVC School on Nov. 16. They are: (front row from left) Linda, Marilyn, Nellie W., Little Nellie, Marie, Sharon and Marguerite; (back row from left) Warren, Nancy, Judy, Bob, Sue, Robbie, Jean and Laddie. Local Chapter 0319 TOPS leader, Robbie, presented NEVC’s Kendall Ogburn $215, a portion of the proceeds from the Santa Room.

Twenty-two members of TOPS 0319 MO met in the El Dorado Springs Church of Christ meeting room on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Best loser for the week was Robbie with a loss of 1.8. Other good losses were Jan who lost 11.4 while being ill for 12 weeks—not a good way to lose weight. Sue lost 1.2 lbs. and Dorothy lost 1.8 in two weeks. Jessica lost 5.6 lbs. but was unable to stay for the meeting.

The club had a net loss of 17.8 lbs.

On Nov. 16, TOPS 0319 held their 9th annual Santa Room at Northeast Vernon County Elementary School. Club members spend the year making hand made crafts. They set up “Santa Room” in the school library and each child has the opportunity to shop for family and friends. The items are priced low with nothing more than $5 and most at $1 or less. Every child is given a handmade craft, candy and an apple. This year a portion of the proceeds was given back to the school for them to use as they want.

TOPS welcomes anyone who is interested in a healthier life style and wants to have fun and make new friends to join us at anytime. We meet each Thursday morning in the Church of Christ Meeting Room, 302 E. Hospital Rd., El Dorado Springs. Our weigh in is from 7:45-8:30. The meeting is from 8:45 to 10 a.m. We welcome both men (we have six men in the club now) and women from all age groups. Our members range in age from 29 to 89.

For more information, call Linda at 417/876-6467 or Juda at 876-4888. Or TOPS toll free number 1-800/932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.