Posted November 29, 2012 at 12:23 pm

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Seven El Dorado Springs High School football players have been named to the All-District team: (top row, from left) Dakota Steward, Colten Hedrick and Jacob Bowman; and (bottom row, from left) James Dubois, Austin Jones and Tanner Hixson. Senior Dakota Steward was named first team offensive tackle for the second year in a row. He was an honorable mention during his sophomore year. “Even though I’ve been All-District before, I was still surprised this year,” he said. Sophomore Colten Hedrick was named as a second team offensive lineman. Senior Jacob Bowman was named first team defensive end. “I was not surprised as I had worked to get this honor all season,” he commented. Junior James Dubois was named as a first team defensive linebacker. “This makes all the hard work and the days practicing in the summer all worth it,” James said. Senior Austin Jones was named as a second team linebacker. It was a special honor for Austin, as this was his first year to play for the Bulldogs having transferred from Kickapoo High School last year. Senior Tanner Hixson was named as a first team offensive running back. Not pictured was Senior Kyle Collins who was honored as a second team offensive lineman.

Overall, Coach Bob Ramsey was pleased with the number of Bulldog players who received All-District honors. “Considering we didn’t have a winning season, we feel good about having seven players recognized for their achievements,” he said. Canine Courier staff photo and cutline