Posted November 29, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Nov 11 – Deputy responded to a call of suicidal threats.

Deputy recovered a stolen vehicle out of Butler

Received a call of cows out at 32 and A Hwys

Keith Allen Bryant taken into custody for DWI

Report of possible poaching

Report of suspicious activity at 2120 Rd & 245 Hwy

Ambulance Request: CMHCF, Bolivar; Polk Co. jail; CCMH ER; Woods Supermarket, Stockton; CCMH; 14485 S 1275 Rd; 19470 E 1200 Rd

Nov 12 – Report of car vs deer accident on 2125 Rd

Report of poaching

Report of dead animal on North St

Report of a burglary

Report of stolen medication

Report of neighbor dispute on 1445 Rd

Report of suicidal threats, contacted ElDo PD

Deputy responded to dispute at 3310 S 251 Rd

Ambulance Request: 213 WestHaven; 2775 1074 Rd; Kirkpatrick and Poplar; Community Springs; Lake Stockton Nursing Home; 500 E Sunset; CCMH; 3295 S 32 Hwy

Nov 12 – Report of deer vs vehicle

Report of possible overdose

Report of non-injury motor vehicle accident at 780 Rd and 32 Hwy, sent MSHP

Deputy responded to a dispute at 205 S College

Ambulance Request: 315 W Joe Davis; 714 Morgan Dr; 2775 E 1074; 317 W Elm; 116 W Oak

Nov 14 – Report of attempt of identity fraud

Report of stolen license plate

Report of a dispute at 18165 S N Hwy

Erika Jane Hughes taken into custody for probation violation/ forgery

Joseph Resz taken into custody on local charges

Ambulance Request: 714 Morgan Dr; 19470 E 1200 Rd; 309 W Pine; CCMH; 14315 Craig;18165 S N Hwy

Nov 15 – William Bradley Caenevon taken into custody for DWI

Report of horses out on Wagoner Rd

Deputy responded to assist Children Division

Ambulance Request: 1401 Lucinda Ave; 311 E Spring;14650 3rd St; 213 WestHaven; CCMH

Nov 12 – Report of stolen vehicle

Report of property damage on 1450 Rd

Report of stolen tree stand

Report of car vs deer

Ambulance Request: 213 West Haven; 801 Owen Mill Rd

Nov 17 – Report of dog missing from 204 WestHaven

Report of leaving the scene of an accident, MSHP contacted

Report of a domestic

Report of break in on 1658 Rd

Report of harassment

Report of landlord/tenant dispute

Report of possible ex-parte violation

Report of missing cows at 4753 S 1481Rd

Ambulance Request: CCMH