Thanksgiving everywhere around Walker

Posted December 6, 2012 at 10:19 am

By Neoma Foreman

Allen and Diane Martin are proud to announce the birth of a new grandson. Matt and Meghan Martin have a new baby. Samuel was born five weeks early on Oct. 20 in Omaha, NB. He only had to spend a week in the hospital and Diane stayed a week with them to help with the baby.

Don and Edith Stockstill celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at the Walker Community Building Sunday afternoon. All of their descendants were present. Their only child, Marty Patton, and husband, Rich, grandson, Dexter (Overland Park), grandson, Tony and wife, Ashley, and great-granddaughter, Jessa (Olatha), granddaughter, Jenna and husband, Kris Lowry (Joplin). Other guests present were: Wayne, Jacquie, Megan and Blake Hensley; Vickie and Bob Ayers all of El Dorado Springs; Laurie and Bailee Bybee, Schell City; Kirsten Kelly, Overland Park; Bryan Overcast, Jericho Springs; Joe and Shirley Winter, Jack Winter, Laurie Solson of Richards, Rosalie Handley and Gene Lowe, Harwood; Don and Della Gordon, Nevada; Cecil and Phyllis Caldwell, Ed and Bobbie Hamersley, Tom and Leta Blosser, Patti Russell, Charles and Neoma Foreman, Garland Koehn, and Jenise Burch all of Walker.

The family of Lloyd and Lois McGraw celebrated their combination Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday Saturday at Springfield at the home of a granddaughter, Alisha, and John Jeans and Braxton. Others attending were Russell and Teresa McGraw and Katie and her friend of Sheldon, Glenda and Darrell Gresham of Coyle, OK, Lela McGraw and Vanita McGraw, Edmund, OK, Vernon and Misty McGraw, Tiffany and ReAnna, Nevada, Sheila Conner, Jacob Conner and his friend, Haley of Ozark, Leroy and Janet McGraw, Nathan and Michael, Piedmont, OK, and John and Julie McGraw and Jackson, Nevada.

At the home of Bob and Laura Clinton for Thanksgiving were Kent and Julie Gardner, Bob Lee and Vina Clinton, Tracy and James Washburn, and Jeff and Jodee Fanning.

Chet and Marla Foreman, Regan Kannady, Christine and Corey Graham, and Charles and I attended Coltin Wilson’s school Christmas program at Pleasanton, KS, Tuesday evening.

Spending Thanksgiving at the home of Chuck and Linda Gundy were Jennifer and Craig Gundy, Ed and Joan Wade and family, and Brent and Sandra Gundy and Shelby.

Phillip Martin spent Thanksgiving with Allan and Diane Martin.

The family of Frank and Renee Weisensee had their Thanksgiving Dinner at the Walker Community building where they could enjoy being together in one room with a sit-down dinner. Attending were Frank and Weisensee, Paul Scougal, Lisa and Lance Christie, Hayden and Grace, Regan Christie and friend, Landon Delgado, Devin Scougal and friend, Tonya, Buck and Christi Mitchem, Forest and Shiloh, Rob and Kristina Weisensee, Michael, Christopher, Amber, and Rebecca, Jennifer and Kevin Gilpin, Caleb, Emilia, Katrina, and Luke, Abigail Gilpin and friend, Lane, and Patty and Glen Collins and family.

Local people attending the Eastern Star reception held at the Vernon County Fairgrounds Friday evening honoring Alberta Hays, Grand Warder of OES. were Russell and Carisa Hays, Quinton and Quade, Harry and Jen Foreman, Donald and Becky Foreman, Glen Hays, Tom and Leta Bloesser, Crystal Burch, Jenise Burch, Mike and Kathy Newman, and Charles and me.

Bobbie Jo Harms hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner Saturday at the Flake House in Schell City. Attending were Bobbie and her son, Jake, and daughter, Heather and husband, Kirk Haddix, Cheri and Donnie Roberts, Donnie Roberts Jr., Della and Roy Parkison, Bob and Linda Majors, Chad and Jennie Majors, Alexia and Maleia, Brad and LouAnn Majors, Madyson and Mason, Marianna and Jack Cotton, Clifford McDaniel, Walt Koshko, Regan and Judd, Brock Koshko, and Nicole Keith, Brooklyn, Ashley, and Derick.

Charles and I held our Christmas candy and cookie making session (what our daughter calls ‘Madness’) at our house Sunday afternoon. Present were Vonnie Main, Chet and Marla Foreman, Regan Kannady, Faith Gilbert, David Souza, David and Betsy Foreman, Brooklyn and Carter, Wendy and Brandon Conley and Garrett, Coltin Wilson, and Katie and Brice Budd. This was the two-year-olds first year to get to roll and cut out cookies—so it was action packed. The birthdays of Betsy Foreman and Katie Budd were celebrated.

Bob and Linda Majors and family attended the Majors’ Thanksgiving dinner at noon Thursday at the home of Doug and Jody Majors.

Christine and Corey Graham and I attended the Lighthouse Children’s Production of the Wizard of Oz held at the First Baptist Church at El Dorado Springs Saturday afternoon.

Mason Majors spent a few hours Saturday afternoon with his grandparents, Bob and Linda Majors.

Tony, Ashley and Jessa Patton arrived last Tuesday evening at the home of his parents, Marty and Rich Patton. Dexter Patton came Thursday afternoon. Jenna and Kris Lowry arrived Friday afternoon. Friday morning Ashley, Edith Stockstill and Marty headed to Joplin for shopping with Jenna meeting them there. Everyone, including Marty’s parents, Don and Edith Stockstill, were back at the Patton house Friday afternoon and they had their Thanksgiving dinner Friday evening.

Last Wednesday evening Laura, Josh, Jackson and Reid Willson and Jamie, Allison, Gunner and Bryn Bradford all of Colleyville, TX, arrived for the holidays at the home of Laura’s parents and grandmother, Jenise and Jerry Burch and Helen Kennedy. They stayed with them until Saturday. Thanksgiving Day the above and, Jered and Crystal Burch, Kate and Cole, and the Comstocks of Deerfield (Charlie, Patty, Cale, and Cara) joined them for turkey and the fixings. Thursday night, the girls took in Black Friday in Nevada, some took in a movie, hunted squirrels, competed in some pool, ping pong, tag football and pitch. Friday night, Teresa McCoy and Heaven Tignor, Niya, and Kason Talbert joined the group for a hot dog roast.

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