'The Wizard of Oz' at Christmas

Posted December 6, 2012 at 10:26 am

Elfkins 3 cc .tif

ELFKINS – The Elfkins prepare to take a bow: (from left) Olivia Bryson, Sophia Bryson, Joshua Schweitzer, Abigail Lame and Mia Chei.

CURTAIN CALL 3 cc .tif

CURTAIN CALL – The stars of “The Wizard of Oz at Christmas” were from left to right: (back row) Noah Marsh, Nathan Brown, Caleb Alexander, Isabelle Bryson, Brooke Murdock, Katelyn Torres, Brenna Dipman, Courtney Lame, Samantha Cox, Megan Griffin and Kennedi Murdock; (front row) Ryan Griffin and Cheyenne Lame.

Flying reindeer 2 cc .tif

FLYING REINDEER – Kenzi Harp, Brittany Schweitzer and Paiden Smith.

Old Folks 2 cc  crop to just two - clone out red robed person.jpgjpg

OLD FOLKS– Uncle Henry and Auntie Em: Tyler Murdock and Allison Worrell.