Speech, Debate numbers up, so are scores

Posted December 6, 2012 at 11:55 am

The El Dorado Springs Speech and Debate Team has continued to grow. They recently competed at tournaments in Buffalo and Monett and enjoyed having larger numbers of students competing than any previous years.

Although there were 30 students that competed during last year’s season, the most that ever competed at any single tournament was 12. At the Buffalo tournament, 23 El Do High School students competed. The numbers were smaller at Monett, but still larger than any tournament last year, with 16 students competing. Both the Buffalo and Monett tournament were harder competition than what the students competed against at Nevada earlier in November. Despite this, there was some notable success.

At Buffalo Nov. 17, the highlights include Allison Piatt (Sr.), Tommie Hardy (Jr.), Kylie Goodwin (So.) and Sophia Marsh (Jr.) advancing to finals and earning a medal. Piatt ended in 6th place in International Extemp after having preliminary ranks of 2, 2, 2. Hardy and Goodwin’s Duet Acting ended in 5th overall. Their first ranks were 2, 1, 2. Finally, Marsh advanced in 2 events and received 5th place in Humorous Interpretation and 6th in Storytelling. In HI she earned 1, 3, 2 and in Storytelling had 1, 1, 4.

Also competing at Buffalo were Trevor Hicks (Sr.) and Brenden Howell (Fr.) in US Extemp. Hicks finished in 7th place, just narrowly missing a placement in finals. In Duet Acting were Sydney Robertson (So.), Hannah Robertson (So.), Ben Vickers (So.), Cameron Collins (So.), Hannah Kruckenberg (Fr.), Katie Bruggeman (So.), Landon Mays (Fr.) and Spencer Young (Fr.). The Robertsons also were close to finals, finishing in 9th place. In Poetry were Brandon Compton (Jr.), Kylie Goodwin (So.) and Andrea Nikodim (Jr.). In Prose were Marsh and Compton, while Michaela Leedy (Jr.) competed in Dramatic Interpretation.

In addition to earning two medals for other events, Marsh finished in 7th place in Prose, making her one spot from a medal in that event. Leedy was also in the top 10 for her event, with an 8th place finish in Storytelling.

Emily Marbough (Sr.), Taylor Frazier (So.) and Travis Cameron (So.) performed Radio Speaking. Finally, Leedy, Marsh, Jaynee Beaty (Sr.), Goodwin and Ashley Brown (So.) competed in Storytelling. Also traveling with the team were Ashlee Hicks and Mrs. Debra Marsh.

The Monett tournament was held Nov. 30-Dec 1. Coach Nicole Smith said, “I was very pleased with the ranks the students earned 1st round. Most of the students were at or above my expectations for them. However, 2nd round did not look as impressive. I’m used to saying this is a tough tournament. While we did not have any students break to finals this time, our 1st round scores do show that we can be competitive at this level of competition.”

The highest scores of the weekend include Piatt finishing 3-1 in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, which put her in 11th place overall. She also scored well in US Extemp, finishing 16th overall with ranks of 3, 3. Leedy also finished 16th in Dramatic Interpretation with a 1, 5 and Marsh was 20th overall with a 2-2 record in LD Debate.

Also competing at Monett were Levi Losinger (Fr.) in Foreign Extemp, Mays in Original Oratory and Compton in Prose/Poetry. Although it was his first time out with OO, Mays ranked a 3 in 1st round, but then fell to 6 in 2nd round.

In Duo Interpretation were H. Robertson, S. Robertson, Bruggeman, Kruckenberg, Frazier, Cameron, Shelby Ray (Fr.) and Breanna Uptegrove (Fr.). The Robertsons scored a 2 in 1st round, but then fell to 5 in 2nd round.

Marsh, Compton, Collins and Vickers performed Humorous Interpretation. Marsh and Compton ranked 2 and 3 in 1st round, respectively, but they also fell to a 4 and 6 in 2nd round. Also traveling with the team was Trevor Hicks.