Posted December 6, 2012 at 12:11 pm

November 13

City of El Dorado Springs vs

Kelly Berning, dog at large x 2, dog license required x 2, $190 fines

Cody Bird, no operator license, $72.50

Mark Blinzler, leaving scene of accident, fail to keep right w/acc, $380 fines

Evelyn Dillard, license plates required, fail to show proof of ins, $195 fines

Charles Fairchild, child in seat belt req, $47.50 fine

Donald Hamilton, fail to stop stop sign, $72.50 fine

Calvin Keith, assault, $222.50 fine

John Koger, speeding 38/25, $50.50 fine

Sheyenne Shepard, fail to yield w acc, $57.50 fine

Debra Steven, seat belt required, $10 fine

Jeanne Strickland, expired license plates, $47.50

Aron Zimmer, DWR, $422.50 fine

Lynn Varner, illegal pass of school bus, $222.50

Charles Worthington, fail to stop stop light, $72.50


Gladys Cassidy, dist of the peace fighting, $122.50 fine

Pamela Hattery, endangering wel of child, $122.50 fine

Toni Herndon, dist of the peace fighting, $222.50 fine

Gina Resz, dog at large, $47.50 fine


Elizabeth Cartwright, stealing, $122.50 fine

Travis Giesing, fail to appear, $72.50 fine

Jonathan Foulk, fail to appear, $72.50 fine

Robert Smith, fail to appear, $72.50